Are you nervous about inviting more than one guest on to your podcast at a time? As long as you know how to manage the conversation, there’s nothing to be nervous about. 

In fact, interviewing more than one podcast guest has tons of benefits for your show! Your listeners will love the change of pace and they’ll get to learn from multiple perspectives.

This guide breaks down how to conduct virtual interviews with more than one podcast guest, when to do it, and how to make it a success. 

When to Have Multiple Podcast Guests on Your Show

Although juggling more than one podcast guest in a virtual interview may seem like a ton of work, there are times when it’s really beneficial for your podcast. 

For example, maybe you want to host a panel about a certain subject so that multiple experts can offer your listeners a variety of opinions and tips. Multiple perspectives can give your podcast more credibility and reach a wider audience. 

Another example is when you interview business partners. Say there are two women who launched a journal company that you love. Having both of them on the podcast allows you to ask about how they work together and how they delegate tasks. This opens up a whole new conversation that wouldn’t be as fun with only one guest.

Interviewing multiple podcast guests is also a great way to break out of your normal routine and give your listeners something new. It also allows the interview to be more conversational and less question and answer. 

The Technical Side of Interviewing Multiple Podcast Guests

No one likes listening to a podcast where everyone is talking over each other. Another frustration with having multiple podcast guests is when listeners can’t tell whose voice belongs to who.

To avoid these pitfalls, record your podcast interview with a program like Zoom, Riverside, or Zencaster, and select the setting that records one audio track per participant—this will help in the post production process! 

Throughout the interview, be intentional about using your guests’ names. Direct a question to one guest at a time. This will help your podcast guests know who should be speaking, and it’ll help your audience get to know their voices. 

Watch out for one guest dominating the conversation. Remember that you are the host and you can guide the interview when necessary. Give everyone an equal opportunity to chat, and specifically direct questions to the guest who isn’t getting to chime in as much.

More Technical Tips for Your Podcast Interviews

Interviewing multiple podcast guests at the same time is a great way to try something new on your podcast and reach a broader audience with diverse perspectives. As long as you can manage the conversation well, it’ll be a blast.

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