Finding a podcast guest week after week may feel overwhelming, but there are simple tricks you can use to make the process seamless. 

Do podcasts need to have guest episodes? Technically, no. However, having guests on helps provide your listeners with new perspectives. It also lends your podcast credibility to interview guests on topics you aren’t an expert on yourself. 

Guest interviews also take the pressure off of you to come up with a new topic to talk about on your own every week. Plus, after talking into a microphone all by yourself, interviewing a guest is a refreshing change and grows your professional connections. 

Now that you’re convinced to try out guest interview episodes, let’s talk about how to find the perfect guests to interview on your podcast!

How to Know What to Look for in a Podcast Guest

Like I said in my podcast episode about this topic, choosing the right guests for your show is a crucial step. You want to make sure that your guests meet the needs of your listeners and offer them valuable content.  

It’s important to vet your potential guests to make sure that their topic aligns with your podcast. You also don’t want to have major disagreements with your guests because that will confuse your listeners. 

Your guest’s expertise should fall into your podcast’s niche and category. For example, my podcast, Clocking In, is for entrepreneurs and professionals, so I make sure my guests are also in that field. There are tons of sides to entrepreneurship, so my guests don’t have to do exactly what I do, but they need to offer insights that my target audience wants to hear.

Where to Find Podcast Guests

You can find guests in a variety of places, including:

  1. Your own audience! You can open applications and invite your existing audience to apply
  2. Ask industry peers you are friends with or admire
  3. Connect with people in Facebook groups for your niche
  4. A booking agency can source guests for you

Communicate Clearly with Your Podcast Guests

Once you have a list of your ideal guests, how do you reach out and ask them to be on your podcast? Use my podcast guest communication email template to keep the process simple and professional! 

I hope this has helped you find podcast guests. If you’re looking for more educational content around podcasting or want to build connections in the podcast space, come join Mic Check Society! Inside Mic Check Society, we periodically release new content, host virtual coworking sessions, Jump on monthly hot seat calls, and connect with the other podcasters inside our private Facebook group. Get more details about Mic Check Society below!