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Let me guess, you absolutely love providing education to your audience, but don’t know where to start when it comes to launching a podcast… that’s where I come in! I thrive on the things that most podcast hosts hate: setting up your podcast hosting platform, sourcing intro/outro music, writing your scripts, editing your first show, creating graphics, and more!

Packages range from $200 to $1,200.


Podcast production isn’t just about the editing—but don’t worry, I do that too! From the audio editing and show notes, to episode graphics and scheduling. I’ll tailor your podcast production to fit the needs of your show specifically! At the start of our on-going production agreement, we’ll consult on what you’re currently doing, and where you’d like to improve or grow!

Starting at $650/month.



COACHING & COnsulting

Whether you’re preparing to launch or you have an existing podcast that needs a little guidance, my coaching and consulting services will be customized for your needs! I offer both one time options and ongoing options based on the work your podcast needs! If you’re ready to do more with your podcast and add some strategy, let’s start here!

Starting at $350.


WEBSITE for show notes

Your podcast needs a website to house the show notes and resources mentioned in each episode. i’m a firm believer in using your podcast to market your business and drive more traffic to your website. I help podcasters build out the podcast section of their website in WordPress so they’re always able to utilize it in their content and SEO strategy.

Starting at $500.



Your website’s content plays a huge role in your marketing plan, so let’s ensure you’re ranking on Google! With my Search Engine Optimization audit, I’ll review how your full website is currently performing, make content recommendations for your website and podcast, and develop a strategy for your ongoing content efforts based on your business and services.

Starting at $850.



Pinterest is an amazing tool for podcasters to use to drive traffic to their show notes! Let me manage this strategy for just your podcast, or let’s expand this service to include all services and content you’ve created! I’ll handle graphic creation, keyword rich caption writing, scheduling pins, pinning to group boards, using tailwind, and providing monthly reports.

Starting at $400/month.



With the title of podcast host, comes the influx of podcast guest pitches and applications! I can help develop a workflow and manage the applications you receive, along with guest coordination! This service includes communication, outreach, and reminders for guest interviews and episode releases!

Starting at $300/month.




The most successful and consistent podcasts rely on one important tool—project management. With every VIP Podcast Launch, I set up a system and workflow to keep you organized! If you’re not an existing client of mine, but want to get organized, I also offer this as an a la carte service!

Starting at $250. 




Every podcast produced with Gaffin Creative services comes with a standard transcript run through an automated service. If you’re looking to offer more accurate transcriptions for your podcast show notes, you can upgrade to Rev Transcription Services for $1.25 per minute: paid directly to the transcription service.





Will you chat with me to ensure we’re a good fit for podcast management and production?

Absolutely! Once you inquire, I’ll send over a brochure of my services and packages, along with a link to schedule a consultation with me!

How long does it take to launch a podcast with you?

Typically, my clients average about 5 weeks from inquiry to launch, but my schedules are flexible! I’ve had clients launch in under two weeks! I do prefer to keep our launch timeline under two months.

Can you handle everything as my podcast manager?

Of course! My most popular podcast package is for hosts that only want to hit the record button! We’ll meet on a monthly basis to connect on potential guests or topics, I’ll handle scheduling, and all you need to do is hit the record button! From there, I can manage post production, guest communication, graphics, marketing, and more!

Can you build a custom package to fit my needs?

Yes, if you’re working with a budget, let’s chat about the most important things you’d like to hand off.




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With podcasting comes a few tools you’ll need for producing, hosting, marketing, and managing.

Check out my favorite tools* below! *Affiliate links included.


Podcast Hosting


Contracts & Invoicing


Email Marketing



Audio Graphic Soundbytes







Contracts & Templates

Get Legal with Your podcast

Podcasting is all fun and games, right? Well sure, but it’s important to stay legal whether you’re hosting your podcast for fun or business! Having a podcast guest agreement ensures you and your guests are on the same page with how your podcast is managed from the conversation and editing to the promotion and their role in the overall project! My friend, Paige Griffith of The Legal Paige, sells the perfect agreement you’ll need for when you start bringing guests on your show! 

The link below includes an affiliate link to Paige’s shop, when you support our small businesses, I’ll earn a commission on the purchase.

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