Guest interviews on your podcast can be some of the most interesting and entertaining episodes you create. Yet, reaching guests can sometimes present a challenge with long distances. Luckily there are many recording platforms that allow you to reach your guests remotely!

Virtual Recording Platforms for Your Podcast

Choosing which platform to record your interviews can feel overwhelming, to make the choice easier here are Gaffin Creative’s top picks! 


Riverside is my favorite web-based virtual recording studio for podcasters. It is actually made specifically for podcasting and it’s what we use at Gaffin Creative, on Clocking In, and on Let’s Grab Drinks! The local recording creates higher quality sound and video, also allowing for customization of quality. You are able to record video in 4K, which many other platforms are unable to do.

One unique feature is Riverside’s simultaneous uploading. If your computer crashes during recording, no stress because Riverside already uploaded it! Riverside provides many features for the producer and the audience that are unlike other platforms. You are also able to livestream to a range of social media sites while recording. One of my favorite features is the ongoing tools they’re adding for podcasters like Ai for Magic clips and social media content generation.

Riverside offers memberships of free, $15, and $29.

Get started with Riverside FM by heading to https://creators.riverside.fm/ClockingIn and use the code GAFFIN15 for 15% off!


Zencastr is a web-based software designed with podcasting in mind. You are able to achieve higher quality sound, with individual audio tracks for each speaker. The audio and video recording is done locally, instead of cloud-based, making for clearer sound and video.

In Zencastr you’ll also have the ability to chat or add footnotes while recording without having to leave the recording. Within the recording, you also have access to a live soundboard which gives you the ability to add audio clips as you record. The quality can be improved even further after recording with automatic postproduction. You and your guests will sound like you recorded in a studio without having to be in the same space! 

Zencastr does provide a free membership with limited guests and hours per month. Their paid plans range from $18-80. 


Another tool built for podcasters is Squadcast. This tool is actually owned by Descript, which offers a nice combo for this tool stack if you’re planning to use both.

Squadcast offers memberships of free, $12, and $24.


Lastly, Zoom is another platform that podcasters will use, specifically when they’re already paying for it for other uses in their business. While it is predominantly used for virtual meetings but also functions as a decent recording platform. 

For many beginners, Zoom is a fantastic option because it’s free. You have the ability to pay for longer meeting lengths and other extras, but for a new podcaster, the free version works well. Zoom is perfect for recording remote interviews because of its simplicity. It allows for separate audio tracks for all participants (which is so important for your podcast editor).

One of the main drawbacks of Zoom is the less than perfect audio quality. It’s not a tool we tend to recommend, as we actually prefer the quality of Riverside best.

These four platforms are our top choices for remote interviews, yet there are many more out there! Each podcast is unique and has different needs, test out a few platforms to find what works best for you and your show. 

Want to bring your podcast to the next level? Gaffin Creative is here to help your podcast succeed. Visit Gaffin Creative for information. 

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Virtual Recording Platforms for Your Podcast