Gaffin Creative is a podcast production company that empowers creatives to share their voice while growing their brand.


To become the industry’s most trusted podcast experts and provide accessible education and support to podcasters.


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Gaffin Creative is a podcast production company that empowers creatives to share their voice while growing their brand. Our core expertise lies in orchestrating seamless podcast launches and providing comprehensive ongoing management services. At the heart of our mission is the firm belief that every individual possesses a unique and valuable voice that deserves to be heard.

Our commitment to excellence is centered on making podcasting an accessible and effortless endeavor. We are resolute in our pursuit of breaking down the barriers that often deter aspiring podcasters. Through our services, we empower our clients to express their creative visions and ideas, reaching audiences worldwide.

By addressing the challenges that creative entrepreneurs face when navigating the complex world of podcasting, we are solving critical problems in the industry. We provide a platform for thought leaders, artists, and innovators to amplify their messages, foster engagement, and foster community-building. Gaffin Creative is not just a podcast production agency; we are a catalyst for the realization of untapped potential in the podcasting landscape.

A letter from haylee

As you’re considering launching a podcast, or maybe you’re currently releasing episodes on your own, I want you to use your voice, because your voice matters and your story matters. Whether you’re podcasting with passion, purpose, or both, the content you’re producing will impact someone.

After I got started working on podcasts in 2017, I was hooked. From free educational business content to hearing the life stories of people I’d never met, something about this medium just felt so valuable to me.

Fast forward to 2020, when so many businesses had to make pivots, I decided now was the time to turn this side-hustle into something bigger. I wanted to help more dreamers become podcasters. Over the last few years, I’ve launched over a dozen podcasts and produced hundreds of podcast episodes.

With the expansion of our team at Gaffin Creative, we want to help you strategically craft your podcast plan, create content that’s impactful, and build out strategies to help your podcast serve your brand. If you’re looking to set yourself up as an expert in your industry, create a valuable resource for your existing and potential audience, and drive more revenue to your business through your podcast, you’ve landed in the right place.

While you’re here, I’d love you to meet our team!


Haylee Gaffin is a podcast producer, strategist, and owner at Gaffin Creative, where she helps podcast hosts plan their podcast launch and create strategic content that serves their brand and audience. As the founder of Podcast Launch Kit, a DIY course for podcasters, and host of Clocking In Podcast, a podcast for professionals making their way in the working world, Haylee is on a mission to help hopeful podcast hosts grow their brand.

Megan Wren is a freelance audio professional and musician. She completed degrees in audio engineering and music at Ohio University, and worked for three years as the Chief Recording Engineer for the Ohio University School of Music. 

As a freelancer herself, Megan loves supporting and cheering on other creative business owners.  Megan is also a fan of a number of podcasts – her favorites are Francesa Amber’s Law of Attraction Changed My Life and CD Baby’s DIY Musician Podcast. She has found in her role of podcast editor that she is learning from the conversation within each episode as much as she is fine-tuning it.

Caroline is a freelance writer with a background in journalism and social media. She loves helping brands beat the Google algorithm and reach their target customer base with great copy, SEO, and a powerful message. Originally from Houston, Texas, she now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband and two cats. When she isn’t writing, she loves acting, reading, and watching sitcoms.


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Gaffin Creative is a podcast production company that empowers creatives to share their voice while growing their brand.