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Limited series podcast planning

Private Podcast Launch & Production

Creating a limited series private podcast can be a powerful tool for your business. From using it as a lead magnet in your business to growing an email list, or creating a digital product you can scale your income with, our team is here to help you plan your private podcast and develop a plan for success.

Who is this for? Entrepreneurs and business owners using a private podcast for their business.

When can we launch? Gaffin Creative is taking on a limited number of limited series private podcast clients in July and August of 2024.

How long does it take? You will recieve one week of dedicated time from Gaffin Creative for your half day planning meeting, tech support, production, and launch planning.

What does it include? Our Private Podcast Launches include planning, strategy, and support for your podcast, along with the production of three episodes up to 45 minutes.

What does it cost? Pricing for our private podcast launch and production ranges from $1,200 to $1,800 depending on your needs and a la carte selection.


Private Podcast Resources

Is a Private Podcast Right for You?


Gaffin Creative is taking on a limited number of private podcasts this summer, launching in July and August—apply now to secure your limites series launch! 
Why an application? We want to ensure you’re ready for a private podcast and have a need for it before signing on!


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