You don’t have to grow your podcast by yourself.

Mic Check Society is a community for podcasters, where they can collaborate, network, and learn how to grow and scale their podcast. Through educational trainings, a private Facebook group, and Q+A calls, the Mic Check Society community is here to support your podcasting journey.

The Community for Podcasters

Mic Check Society is a membership community that was built for podcasters who are looking to take their podcast from good to great. In your ongoing membershipi to Mic Check Society, you can expect to scale your podcast and improve your processes and listenership by implementing each of our ongoing trainings! Plus, you get to connect with some of the best podcasters in the industry.

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Trainings & Education

Member Directory

Looking for opportunities to pitch podcasters to come on your show or for you to get on their show? For members who are open for pitches, we have a public member directory available inside of your dashboard!

Podcast Strategy & Optimization Trainings

One of the values of Mic Check Society is the library of trainings we’re always adding to! Whether you’re looking for planning ideas, strategy, or optimization, drop your requests and questions in the Facebook group so we know what you want to learn about next! Here’s a look at some of our current trainings:

  • Self-Paced Podcast Audit
  • Optimizing Your Podcast Show Notes for Search Engines: Your Podcast SEO Strategy
  • Creating Solid Audio Quality for Your Podcast
Guest Expert Trainings

With so many brilliant educators in our industry, we know how valuable it is to bring in the experts. Each quarter, you’ll hear from one amazing expert on their field in relation to podcasting. Check out some of our existing trainings:

  • Email Marketing – The Secret to Increasing Downloads and Growing Your Podcast with Magan Ward
  • Podcast Pitching: “Be Their Guest” with Christina Lenkowski
  • Canva for Podcasters feat. LaShonda Brown
  • Up-Leveling Your Role as a Speaker and Educator through Podcasting ft. Laylee Emadi
Facebook Community & Education

Every once in a while, you’ll find us going live in our Facebook group with quick updates,industry news, and mini-trainings.

Tech & Tool Reviews

Looking for the right tool for your podcast? When questions arise in our Facebook group about tech and tools, we put together reviews on the different platforms!


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