As a host, it’s so important that you prepare for an interview, just as much as you expect your guest to prepare. Since you are executing the interview, you need to make sure that you are communicating things efficiently to make sure your guest understands what is required of them, as well as making sure that you have your material prepared and you are answering any questions associated with the interview that the guest might have.

I have put together 4 key things to ensure that you are prepared for your interview as a host:

Create a System

To start preparing for an interview as a host, you will need some type of system to follow and execute when planning for an interview with an interviewee. Honestly, I’d encourage you to build this before you start pitching guests so you have a solid foundation and system to help guide your guests through the interview process.

This system should start with email templates to help you pitch, schedule, prepare your guest for the interview, and share your episode details with your guest. If you need guidance on what these email templates should include, make sure you check out my Podcast Guest Communication Email Templates in the shop!

Additionally, when it comes to preparing your guest, you’ll want to make sure you have an easy to use tool to schedule their interview so you can eliminate the back and forth. I suggest either Honeybook or Calendly!

Overall, make sure you have clear communication with the guest.

Outline Questions to Share with the Guest

Before recording the podcast episode, you can curate a list of questions to ask the guest that pertain to the topic they’re an expert in on the episode. These questions can also be shared with the guest to give them time to prepare answers for the questions ahead of time.

If you purchase the Podcast Guest Communication Email Templates from my shop, one of the emails covers this exact step in helping prepare your podcast guest for an excellent interview!

Environment and Gear

The next thing you’ll want to do is review your environment and prepare your podcast gear to maintain a quality recording. Sit in a quiet place, wear headphones, and make sure your microphone is selected at the input and is properly working.

Additionally, make sure your guest sound clear and without distractions when you first get on the interview. While some things can be fixed in post, bad quality audio is a harder fix to resolve.

Communicate Expectations with Your Guest

Now, the last and final step is to make sure that your guest is aware of the expectations you have for them being a part of your podcast and make sure that you are communicating important things on you part. Here are three things you need to discuss before your interview and also include in your guest agreement:
– Sponsorship Opportunities on Your Podcast
– Promotional Expectations on Both Parties
– Editing and Production

Additionally, it’s important that you’re also sharing when you plan to release the episode and any changes in that so the guest can plan their own promotional content.

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