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Clocking in with haylee gaffin

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podcast for podcasters & entrepreneurs

Clocking in with haylee gaffin
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Clocking in with haylee gaffin

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125: How to Structure Your Limited Series Private Podcast

125: How to Structure Your Limited Series Private Podcast

Is a limited series private podcast right for your brand? In today's episode, we're exploring how you can structure your limited series podcast to create an impact on your audience, but also support your marketing goals! Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin is produced...

124: An Introduction to Private Podcasts

124: An Introduction to Private Podcasts

Are private podcasts a worthwhile tool for your business? In today’s episode, I’m introducing a series on private podcasts and how they can be used for both monetization and lead generation. I’m discussing the best types of private podcasts for business owners, plus...

121: Rapid Fire Podcast Q+A

121: Rapid Fire Podcast Q+A

How can I boost my listenership or grow my show? What does monetization look like? Friends, have you ever wanted to just throw questions at a podcast producer and get quick and direct answers? In today's episode, I'm answering six questions from our audience in quick,...

120: How to Ask Your Guests to Rerecord

120: How to Ask Your Guests to Rerecord

What do you do when there is a problem with a guest episode? Today I’m sharing how to handle re-recording with your guest, or even needing to scrap an episode entirely. I’m giving tips on navigating a variety of podcast problems so that you will be able to handle each...

Welcome to the Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin!

Clocking In is the podcast for podcasters, entrepreneurs, and professionals making their way in the working world, while building their own personal brand in the podcasting industry. If you’re a podcaster (or even just dreaming about launching your own podcast someday), this show was built to help you merge your love of conversation, education, and business.

Join Haylee each week to hear stories and advice on life, entrepreneurship, business, and podcasting! Haylee Gaffin is the owner of Gaffin Creative, a podcast production company for creative entrepreneurs.

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My go-to resource on podcasting!

Haylee keeps me current on innovations, news, and strategies in the podcast world 🙌🏼 I love how honest she is about the behind the scenes of her own business too, like the episode where she shared why she closed her photo studio. If you’re a fellow podcaster, I also highly recommend joining Haylee’s membership, Mic Check Society!

– Ellen Yin

A podcast full of knowledge

Haylee was a HUGE piece in starting my podcast. She has a course specifically designed for it. It’s GREAT! Her podcasts also proved (still prove) helpful to anyone with a podcast … or those wanting to get started. Give her a listen! Her shows are short, sweet, and to the point. Perfect to grab the wealth of knowledge she has and run with it!

– Heather Gibson

My favorite podcast!

Hands down my favorite podcast. Haylee has created something truly extraordinary for creative entrepreneurs.

– Natalie Franke

My go-to resource for podcast advice

This is my favorite podcast when it comes to growing my own show! Haylee is so easy to listen to and Super knowledgeable in her craft! A must listen!

– Joy Aleman

Practical, Genuine, and Worth Your Time

Haylee is full of practical tips and strategies that are useful but also no nonsense. She gives you what you want and need without wasting your time – that plus her calming voice make this podcast easily bingeable. If you want to learn and grow quickly and without overwhelm, Clocking In is a can’t miss podcast to subscribe to!

– Amanda Warfield

Great Podcast and a Great Producer!

Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin is such a great podcast for anyone that’s starting a podcast! Haylee’s episodes are focused and jam-packed with interesting ways to use your podcast to promote your business. She’s helped me find ways to make each of my podcast episodes get more listens and show me what to do with each episode after it’s released!

– Dan Moyer

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Is it Time to Hire a Podcast Producer

Is it Time to Hire a Podcast Producer

When you dream about hosting your own podcast, you think about how much fun you’ll have sharing your message, connecting with your audience, and interviewing guests. What you usually don’t think about is all the time it takes to actually produce a podcast. Several...


Gaffin Creative is a podcast production company that empowers creatives to share their voice while growing their brand.