Want to build your podcast audience before you even launch? One major way to attract an audience is through a podcast trailer.  Like the trailer you might see for a movie, this short synopsis of your content will encourage listeners to engage with your podcast.

Why Your Podcast Needs a Trailer

Maybe you’ve already launched, but you want to grow your listeners in a quick and easy way.

Publishing your podcast is a process that can take some time. Apple Podcast’s approval process can often take up to 9 days. Most players will require you to submit your podcast’s RSS feed and will likely take time to verify and approve your show. Posting your podcast trailer ahead of your launch date will allow your podcast to be approved. On your launch date, your podcast is approved and the first episode can be streamed that day. 

 A podcast trailer is a simple way to let potential listeners know what you’re all about, reel them in by sharing a quick summary of your podcast. Your trailer should only be a few minutes long and will highlight the most intriguing aspects of your show. Prospective listeners can catch a glimpse into your show before even listening to an episode. Your trailer can encourage listeners to subscribe, this way they will be notified when your podcast launches. 

Publishing your trailer 5-10 days before the launch of your podcast can grow your audience engagement prelaunch. Following this with 3 episodes posted on your launch date will further build your listeners as well as better your chances of being featured on Apple Podcast’s New and Noteworthy charts. 

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Why Your Podcast Needs a Trailer