Ready to launch your new podcast? As your launch day approaches, you’ll want to prepare the tools to promote your new show. One easy and free tool you can use is a podcast launch team! 

How to Build Your Podcast Launch Team

A podcast launch team is a group of people who will help you promote your podcast on launch day. This can be a group of family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who wants to help your show start off on the right foot. A launch team is a great resource for you and your show’s growth. 

Once you’ve gathered a group who want to be a part of your launch team, you want to prep them in a few ways. 

Subscribe + Download + Listen

One major task for your launch team will be to subscribe to your podcast, download the trailer and upcoming episodes, and listen. This will boost your engagement immediately! Subscribing can be done prior to your first episode even going live (if you have a trailer for your show). Encourage them to do so a few days before, this will also better your chance of being featured on Apple’s New and Noteworthy page. Then, on launch day, your team can download and listen to all the episodes launched. 

Rate + Review

Rating and reviewing your show is another great engagement booster! Your launch team’s rating and reviews will appear on your podcast’s page providing a great appearance for prospective listeners. Having a great rating will set your podcast up for success! 


Sharing your launch on social media is a super important task for your launch team. Your team can share links to your podcast page via all platforms of social media. This personal endorsement will encourage their wide range of followers to check out your content. Encourage them to share a few days leading up to your launch as well as on your launch day. 

Providing your launch team with materials like images, graphics, or other promotional tools can help their posts bring more attention to your show. This will also present a more cohesive look for your brand. 

Having a reliable launch team is a great resource for your podcast. Word of mouth advertising tends to be the most effective form of advertisement, so be sure to utilize your launch team’s influence.  

Now that we’ve explored building a podcast launch team, my Podcast Launch Marketing Guide is the next step to building out a solid podcast launch marketing plan. In this 20 page guide, you’ll explore building out podcast launch materials, gain access to my email templates for your podcast launch team, review an ideal podcast launch timeline and more! Make sure to check out everything included in my Podcast Launch Marketing Guide at the link below.

How to Build Your Podcast Launch Team