what to include in your podcast trailer

One of the most important parts of starting your own podcast is executing an impactful trailer to draw potential listeners in. But, what goes into your trailer? There are many things you can include in your trailer, but today, we’ll be covering the baseline elements: introducing yourself, the title of your podcast, topics you want to cover, and your ideal audience. You don’t need to go incredibly in-depth into any of these points, as you just need to grab the interest of those you’re trying to reach within a couple of minutes. Now, let’s go step-by-step to scripting your podcast trailer. 

Before you dive too far into this blog post, make sure you download our free Podcast Scripting Worksheet, which will help you script your podcast intro, outro, and trailer.

Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself should be the first piece of information presented to your listeners so they know who they’re listening to. You can simply greet your listeners, introduce yourself by name, and highlight that you’re the host of [insert podcast name here].

Introduce Your Podcast Title

It’s important to note before you get too far into writing your trailer, that your podcast title is the most important part of your podcast’s brand. You need to get that podcast name in the ears of your listeners. It is recommended that the name be mentioned at least three times for it to stick.

Your Podcast Topics

The next thing you’ll want to do is highlight what your podcast is about, guests you’ve already lined up on the show, and the typical topics you’ll be discussing. You can keep your list of topics on the short side by grouping similar topics together. The purpose of your podcast trailer is to attract and encourage your listeners to subscribe to get notified when your first episode drops.


Next up is the ask! It’s time to ask your audience to hit that subscribe button on their favorite podcast player so they’re notified as soon as your podcast goes live on launch day!

Tip: You can be as vague as a season followed by the year or a full date and time.

Thank You

Thank your listener for tuning in and giving your show a listen! Remind them of who you are and what your podcast is called by name.

Your trailer is the first thing your listeners will find, so make it count! When you hit the record button, keep the usual voice you have for your episodes, introduce yourself, the podcast name, topics/guests of interest, and reel in those listeners! Once you’ve edited down your trailer you’re ready to publish it on your podcast hosting platform.

Download My Free Podcast Scripting Worksheet

If you’re ready to get started on scripting your podcast trailer, make sure you download my FREE TRAILER SCRIPTING WORKSHEET! Inside this worksheet, you’ll find a template to not only help your script your trailer, but your podcast intro and outro as well!

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