Apple Podcasts is one of the most popular podcast players today. Within the platform, Apple curates a selection of what is called “New & Noteworthy” podcasts, just as the name suggests, these are new shows that Apple sees as noteworthy. Getting featured here is a great, free promotional tool to attract new listeners. Because this list is partly curated and partly algorithm-based, there is no guaranteed ‘hack’ to getting your show featured. Yet, there are steps to take to ensure your podcast meets the algorithm’s criteria for a better chance of being featured.

new & noteworthy charts

Apple Podcast’s New & Noteworthy Timeframe

Apple typically features shows within the first 8 weeks of launching. So, the first two months after your launch you will want to focus on a few things.

First, your podcast should already be approved and meet Apple’s guidelines. By posting a podcast trailer you will be approved before releasing episodes.  Find out more about trailers with our blog on why your podcast needs a trailer here

The New & Noteworthy section highlights the graphics of the featured podcasts. Because of this, your graphics need to be strong, clean, and engaging. Use a cover that captures the essence of your show, this can include a photo of the host, your logo, or an illustration of your topic. If your show makes it into the New + Noteworthy section, your cover is the first impression to prospective listeners. 

Apple tends to feature shows with high engagement. To ensure this, you’ll want to build your audience quickly after your launch. The sooner the better. This can be done with strong promotional and marketing tools: use social media to encourage listeners to use the Apple Podcast App to subscribe. You can also invite subscribers to rate and leave reviews on your show… while this shows Apple that your audience is engaged it doesn’t necessarily impact your ratings within Apple’s algorithm. What is does is encourage others who find your podcast to give it a listen, which will increase your new listenership and download numbers.

After these steps, stay consistent! Apple loves to feature consistent, engaging shows with a strong following. 

Now, you may be excited about the new adventure, but before you truly start planning your strategy for getting on Apple’s New & Noteworthy Charts, you’ll need to get your podcast on Apple! I break down exactly how this happens in episode 21 of Clocking in with Haylee Gaffin! Make sure you listen in—or if you’re ready to hire a podcast producer to help you launch your show, we’re here to help at Gaffin Creative