tools I use in the educational branch of my business

Before starting this business full-time, I always said I could never be an educator. It wasn’t something I enjoyed—but when I started this podcast I quickly realized that I was lying to myself and I wanted to create resources for hopeful podcasters. While I still don’t see myself getting up on a stage anytime soon, I do LOVE offering education through podcasting, courses, shop products, and freebies! So, today, I am sharing the tools that I use in the educational branch of my brand that help me provide valuable resources to my audience.

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Tools I Use in the Educational Brand of My Business

Today I am sharing the tools that I use in my business as a podcast strategist and educator to help provide value and resources to my audience. I have affiliate links for some of these programs, so be sure to use my link to save a little bit of money!


The first program I recommend is Asana. I talk about Asana pretty frequently, because I love it! I use Asana to manage all of my projects, content, products, and even my team inside Asana. We can plan big launches or even just build out the weekly tasks for my content. Asana has become an integral part of every facet of my business. My team and I can stay on track in every way through the program.


Obviously, podcasting is a HUGE component of the educational branch of my business. So, Acast is the tool I use that distributes my podcast to all of the podcast players.  There are a variety of other tools we use to record and produce our show, but I have plenty of educational content on that throughout my site and inside Podcast Launch Kit, my DIY course for podcasters.


I love dropping the content and resources that we put out each week to my email list, so I use Flodesk to do that!  Flodesk also allows me to host all of my freebies and opt-in forms within the program.


I have all of my website living on WordPress. I know it’s not as common in the creative industry, but I minored in digital media in college where I learned the ins and outs of WordPress. So, it comes the most naturally to me. With that, I release weekly podcast show notes and blog posts on my blog, which has helped with my SEO strategy for my business and provides resources for free for my potential audience.


Namecheap – Additionally, I do host my WordPress site on Namecheap, but there are plenty of options out there as well.


Since I’m on WordPress, my digital product shop is also hosted on woocommerce. It’s not the easiest thing to set up, but I definitely wanted to build it directly within my site without using a different program or domain. It works for me and my business.


Now my course and Mic Check Society, which I mentioned earlier, are hosted in teachable. I started on teachable because I was familiar with it and the price point was right for me. Teachable allows me to provide course-style content that is easily accessible to my audience. Subscribers of my course and mic check society are able to log in and access the content whenever they want!


Since I am using different tools for different things, it’s important t use zapier to communicate and connect the tools. Specifically I am using it for my email list and tagging users based on what they enroll in or purchase.


I also offer coaching in my business. It’s not something I put a ton of effort into marketing because I like to reserve it for certain times of the year when it’s time to reset your goals and strategy OR for people who inquire about my services but may not be ready to take on a producer for their podcast. For those coaching clients, I use Honeybook for contracts and invoicing. Additionally, I do use it in my business for production clients as well.


Now, we all have to market with graphics right? I LOVE canva for this. I even have my marketing team members making the majority of the graphics within canva for social media!


Speaking of social media and how I’m marketing these services, I recently made the switch to plann to schedule all of our marketing efforts. Right now, I’m using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn in our strategy. We’re currently testing them all out after a pretty big hiatus on Facebook and Linkedin. I know for my audience, Instagram and Pinterest are driving forces for inquiries and connection, but it’s important to continue to test over time. 

Now, these are simply just the tools I’m using on the educational side of my business that has made it easier to expand in this way.

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tools I use in the educational branch of my brand

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