Are your business goals going according to plan? Now is the perfect time to reflect and reset! In today’s episode, we’re exploring a few ways you can reset your business to ensure it still fits your hope for your business, your life’s needs, and still serves your clients well!

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How to Reset Your Business in the Middle of the Year

As we dve into the second half of this year, there are a few things I’m doing in my business to build a foundation that will guide me through the remainder of the year, which includes resetting my business as a whole. Here are a few of the approaches I’m taking in resetting my business in the middle of the year.

Review where you are in the day to day tasks of your business?

Are there things that you’re doing that aren’t necessary, that you could automate, hand off to someone else, or just eliminate altogether? Let’s look at what this could potentially include:

  • Scheduling pinterest or social media
  • Writing blog posts
  • Formatting website content or blog posts
  • Creating graphics from templates
  • Billing your clients on a monthly basis – automate this.

Are your existing services still serving your clients and your business? 

It’s so important for your services to grow with your business and your clients. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure:

  • Are people still booking your services?
  • Are any not bringing you the revenue you need to sustain the service?
  • Should you eliminate a service offering?
  • Should you adjust a service offering?
  • Are there any hiccups in your workflows?

Do your business expenses still serve your business?

I just went through each and every expense in my business to ensure that they were still doing what I needed. This meant contractors, products, softwares, etc. Make sure that no matter the tool or contractor that their role is still serving your business and see if you need to make adjustments!

Are your marketing tactics and channels working for you? 

Marketing is a whole other ballgame, but I do think it needs to be reviewed in this reset. I know it’s easy to set a marketing plan and either live by it without reviewing success or let it slip week after week until you aren’t really following it anymore. In both cases, you need to reset.

For the case where you’re not reviewing the success, you might be wasting time and resources in your business working on things that aren’t doing anything for your business. I would rather focus on ONE marketing strategy and find success than all of them and not find any success.

In the situation where you let things fall off your strategy and aren’t posting, you may be trying to do too much or not prioritizing it. This is where testing or even hiring help can benefit you greatly.

Is your life well-balanced?

Are you taking the time you need away from your business? I see it so often where business owners live in their business and forget that they created this business for freedom. Next week I am diving more into this topic, how to actually plan for and take vacations in your business, and why they’re important. But think of what you need and mark it off on your calendar so you have to say no to work.

Reset Your Business

Now that you’ve taken a look back at all of these things, I want you to write down three new goals for the rest of the year, with one to three tasks you can completed this week to get you one step closer to them.

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