Is a podcast on your mind? Let’s take this idea and put it on paper! Join me next week as I kick off our Podcast Planning Challenge. Listen in to today’s episode, where we’re diving into what the challenge will cover and how you can enroll!

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Sometimes the thing holding us back from launching a podcast is the planning process. I bet you have an idea for your podcast and want to launch it, but sitting down and planning out all of the details is a struggle. You might not know this, but it took me three months to launch my podcast. I was stuck with what I was going to name it!

I have been there, and because I have, I created a free resource to help overcome this struggle! Yes, a free resource to help you plan your podcast.

Today, we’re going to highlight some of this planning process and how you can join me this June to plan out these components of your podcast.

Free Podcast Planning Challenge

I will be hosting the Podcast Planning Challenge from June 7 – 9 2022. This is a free, 3-day challenge that will help you plan your podcast.

Essentially, you’re going to turn your podcast idea into a full concept in these three days. We will map our your name, description, goals, and all the initial podcast assets. We are aiming to get rid of your podcast fears and walk through the first few considerations of planning your podcast.

These are the steps my own clients have gone through when planning their own podcasts. From naming it to creating it, to understanding the format.

So what exactly will this look like?

Day 1

On day one we are going to dive into the podcast essentials. This includes defining your goals, naming your podcast, writing your description, and the formatting aspects of your podcast.

Day 2

On the second day we are going to talk about topics. This includes determining the categories that you’ll fall under, review music options that match your styles, and then brainstorm content topic ideas.

Day 3

On the last day, we are going to focus on the writing and scripting. We will script out your intro, outro, and trailer. On this day we will highlight all of the details you mapped out on days one and two.

So when you sign up for the challenge, you’ll get access to the challenge dashboard. Each morning of the challenge, a private podcast episode that covers the daily prompt will go live.

This challenge is coming to you in an audio podcasting form, which is so exciting!

This challenge is free and you’ll have access to all of the materials from June 7-9. I am offering a pro version of the challenge which includes 1 year of access to the challenge materials as well as a digital workbook to guide you through each step.

Join the Challenge

If you’re interested in joining this challenge to plan out your dream podcast, sign up here. You can upgrade your challenge experience for just $9 and have access to the materials for a year! Enrollment will be open through June 9, 2022.