3-Day Podcast planning Challenge

Turn your podcast idea into a full concept in this three day challenge, where we’ll map out your name, description, goal, and initial podcast assets!


Take the first steps to plan your podcast concept

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The challenge plan

What You’ll Accomplish

In this 3-day Podcast Planning Challenge, I want to take your podcast fears away and walk you through the first few considerations you should have in planning your podcast!

Join us from January 9th-11th, as we go through some of the most important steps my own clients have taken in planning out their podcast, from naming it to creating topic concepts, to understanding exactly what format your podcast will take on.

When you sign up for the challenge, you’ll get access to a challenge dashboard and a challenge workbook, where each morning of the channel, a private podcast episode that covers the daily challenge prompt will go live. Come join us for three days to map out your podcast plan!


Day 1

The Podcast Essentials:
– Define Your Goal
– Name & Description
– Formating

Day 2

Your Podcast Content:
– Determine Your Categories
– Review Music Options
– Brainstorm Content Topics

Day 3

Podcast Writing:
– Script Your Intro
– Script Your Outro
– Script Your Trailer

Who is Haylee Gaffin?

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