Do your goals match your needs? Intentional goal setting should be a priority in 2023—don’t just focus on random goals. To kick off the new year, I’m sharing how you can be intentional in goal setting this year and what to consider when setting your goals!

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Setting Goals That Match Your Plans, Needs, or Desires

It can be overwhelming to see the success that others are finding or the goals that they are achieving. But today, I want to talk about what it means to define your own success. What are your goals? How are you making them match your needs so that you’re not chasing someone else’s goal.

Sometimes when we talk about setting goals it can seem like you’re not happy where you’re at. This is not the case. Your goals could actually be to stay content or consistent.

Defining Success

There are three things I want you do to when you’re goal setting.

  1. Define what is important to you this year and where you want to be at the end of the year

What’s important to you this year may be very different than what was important to you last year. There is opportunity for growth. But, when we say growth ,that does not mean that it has to be on the same path that you’ve always been on. Take a look at what is important to you and define it.

2. Understand deadlines and timelines

We often overestimate what we can get done. There have been so many times that I’ve planned out launches and projects on timelines that are totally unrealistic. We have to understand what time commitments we are committing to when we set goals. Maybe, its a project you want to work on or a certain number of clients you want to work with. All of those things take time. If you don’t set timelines or deadlines on them, you won’t make any progress on them because there is nothing motivating you to get it done.

3. Set a boundary and limits to know when you’re taking too much on

I am so bad at this, honestly. I don’t do it enough, but I will be doing it this year. Make sure that you know your limits and setting boundaries. This could mean turning away clients, building a waitlist, eliminating services, or just overall scaling back.

Those are three things you should focus on when you’re setting goals, but let’s dive into what types of goals you should be setting.

What Types of Goals to Set

You’re probably looking at your calendar for 2023 and planning out every single thing that you’re going to do for the year. Or, at least, that’s what people tell you to do.

I may be different. I honestly, do not plan my year as a whole. I know myself and I know that I shift. But, annually, I set a revenue goal. I know what I need to hit to pay my lifestyle, pay my contractors, and allow me to reinvest into my business. Whatever that goal is for you, make sure you set that.

That could also look like a monthly revenue goal.

Also, try to plan time off annually. This is not necessarily something I do myself. I have a general idea that I will take a week long vacation every quarter, if not more. My thought is that I need to plan for that. I don’t want to overbook or overwhelm myself. Another way that I do this is to take shorter vacations that aren’t a week long and I take more of them in the year. This is something that I know works for me and my husband and what we want.

I personally, love to plan project based goals. What that can look like is taking a particular service and improving it or launching a new service. I like to look at those on a quarterly basis. I don’t want you to think that means that you should be launching a new service or project every two months. Instead, plan what timing works best for what you’re wanting to achieve.

There have been times that I have completely scrapped a project after realizing it wasn’t what I thought it should be. This is done with intention.

You can plan monthly, but I don’t totally recommend this. You can plan your revenue streams month to month. If you’re having a slower month in services but also offer products, you can ramp up advertising on your products to scale your revenue.

If launching a podcast is part of your goals for 2023, we would love to work with you. We want to ease the workload and stress of launching a podcast. We do that through helping you plan, launch, and strategize your podcast. Get started with us today!

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