Is your podcast intro working for you? If you haven’t put a ton of time or strategy into your podcast intro because you think listeners will skip it, now is the time to change your outlook.

A well-written podcast intro can hook your listeners and turn them into subscribers. For business-based podcasts, it can even convert listeners into customers. Keep reading to learn what you need to have in your podcast intro to make it an engaging tool that grows your podcast audience.

Before we dive too far in, you can download our Podcast Scripting Worksheet to help guide you in writing your podcast intro!

Why You Should Have a Consistent Podcast Intro

Your podcast intro is a vital part of every single podcast episode you release. Some podcasters record a custom intro for every episode, but I often recommend using the same intro for every episode instead. It gives your listeners consistency and something to connect with. 

Think about your favorite TV shows – you can probably hum the intro theme music because you’ve watched the opening credits so many times. You want your podcast audience to make that same connection with your podcast. 

If you want a custom intro to introduce each episode and your guest for that week, I would record that separately and play it after your consistent intro. But keep it brief because you don’t want to take too long before you get into the meat of the episode.   

How You Can Use Your Podcast Intro to Convert Listeners to Subscribers

Your podcast intro is a chance to show off your personality as a podcast host, tell your listeners what your show is about, and give them a call to action to subscribe or engage with your brand further. It should be around 30 seconds and no longer than a minute. 

Three Things Your Podcast Intro Needs to Convert Listeners to Subscribers:

  1. Your name and the name of your podcast
  2. One or two sentences that express what your podcast is about
  3. How to connect with you – ie a URL, social media handle, ask to subscribe, etc

An optional fourth item for business owners: include a call to action that tells your listeners how they can work with you. For example, tell them how to book a consultation with you or where to find your products and services.

You can use this list as a template to craft your podcast intro. Keep it short and sweet and make sure it’s punchy. You can also find some great royalty-free music to go with it!

I recommend paying attention to the intros of your favorite podcasts and taking note of what you like about them. A great example of a brief and engaging intro is the opening of this Quianna Marie Weekly podcast episode (starts at 2:13 – her CTA is to go to the resources on her website).

Download Our Free Podcast Scripting Worksheet

Don’t overlook the importance of having an engaging podcast intro. With a little time and effort, you can craft an intro that converts your listeners to subscribers and customers.

Need help writing an engaging intro to your podcast? Download our free podcast scripting worksheet! The downloadable worksheet also includes templates to help you write your podcast outro and trailer. Download it here!