Finding music you can use on your podcast isn’t as tough of a task as you might believe. There are a variety of websites that sell licenses for royalty free music.

royalty free podcast music

It’s important that you’re looking for two things when searching for music:

  1. Royalty Free Music
  2. Licensing

Now let me explain why these are important.

Royalty Free Music

By selecting royalty free music for your podcast, you are avoiding paying a royalty to the artist each time your podcast is played.


While it’s important that you find royalty free music for your podcast, it’s also important that you actually purchase a license for that music. In the sites I’ll share below, they’re likely paying royalties for the music licenses they sell to you. You purchasing the license gives you permission to use the music how you want based on the license you purchase.

Where You Can Get Royalty Free Podcast Music

I’d found three sites that I love using when it comes to purchasing a license for Royalty Free Music. Each site houses their own music, artists they work with, and more.

Premium Beat

Premium Beat is my go-to because of how user-friendly their site is. You can search based on genre or even mood. They offer two license options, standard ($49) and premium ($99). For most podcast work, you’ll only need the standard, but please review before purchasing to determine based on what you intend to use the music for. Use my referral code ISSDGTLI at checkout to get 25% off your first purchase of PremiumBeat tracks: https://www.premiumbeat.com

AudioJungle by Envato Market

A more affordable option is with AudioJungle. They offer a wider range when it comes to budget, but also have a more complicated license breakdown with 5 tiers based on your needs.


Soundstripe offers a subscription which provides you with a license per individual project, but in order to use the sound on multiple episodes, you’ll need to purchase the lifetime license.

Whatever you do, just make sure you understand the importance of licensing royalty free music and the terms of the license you’re purchasing!

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royalty free podcast music