Are you ready for the holidays? As we kick off the month of November today, I’m actively preparing myself and my clients for the holiday season… and the time off that I’ll be taking. In today’s episode, I’m taking you on that planning journey!

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Approaching the Holidays as a Business Owner (1:18)

Why I Decided to Take Off Additional Time For The Holidays (1:44)

Grace and Space (3:28)

Ground Rules (3:45)

Check Email(3:50)

No Client Work (3:57)

No December Photo Sessions (4:07)

Make Holiday Plans with Friends and Family (4:29)

Work ON my Business, No More than 2 Hours (5:09)

Respond to Inquiries(5:58)

How I am Communicating This to My Clients (6:25)

Set Due Dates (6:31)

Plan Ahead (6:48)

Set Reminders (7:27)

How You Can Implement This (8:04)

Review Your Schedule (8:05)

List Your Client Work (8:31)

Map out Due Dates (8:41)

Communicate with Your Clients (9:27)


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