Many Chattanooga Real Estate Agents are looking for downtown Chattanooga brand photography when searching for a photographer. Brand photography is the set of professional images that represent you and what you do. These images are crucial in telling your story visually to your clients.  When curating your brand photos it’s important to incorporate aspects of what make you and your brand unique. 

Jenna Crye is a real estate agent based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When shooting her brand photos with Gaffin Creative it was obvious that the city of downtown Chattanooga needed to be a key element in her photos. Her clientele is largely based in Chattanooga, so these images best reflected her demographic.  


Brand photographers, like Haylee of Gaffin Creative, can work with you to discover what is a unique aspect of your brand. For Jenna, this included not only downtown Chattanooga brand photography, but also images within the style of home she sells

Think about who your clients are, what they are looking for, what they’d relate to and what makes you different or unique. 

These things are a part of your brand identity, you’ll want them to be a part of your brand photos.  

Your branding images are the first impression new clients have of you. Whether it’s from your socials, website, or advertisement, it will likely be the first thing a client will see from you.  Work with a brand photographer who can help you accurately capture your story through these photos. 

You’re going to use your brand images a lot. Your photos will be great opportunities to repurpose content across all of your desired platforms. Because of this, you’ll want some variety in your images. 

Gaffin Creative wanted to get outside of the normal headshot box with Jenna’s session. While normal headshots are extremely useful, you can have a little bit of fun with your brand photos. Through exploring downtown Chattanooga, Gaffin Creative was able to get some exciting shots perfect for Jenna’s social media.

Consistency is extremely important across all of your branding. Before your branding session, talk with your photographer about your desired visual image. Plan out any elements you want to be incorporated. Preparing these things before your shoot ensures that you keep a consistent image across your brand. 

Jenna’s downtown Chattanooga brand photography showcases the impact of great brand photography. She now has a variety of images that she can utilize on her socials, website, or anywhere else. 

Successful branding builds trust with clients, creating a great foundation before even meeting! Jenna’s branding can help her gain more real estate clients because of this trust built through her branding. 

If you’re a Chattanooga Real Estate Agent in need of some downtown Chattanooga Brand Photography, let’s start planning your shoot to create the perfect, consistent image for your brand! 

Our branding sessions are designed to work with you! The pricing options allow you to choose what style works best for you. 

Simply head to Gaffin Creative to book with the inquiry box.