In any career field, branding is everything—but especially as a Chattanooga real estate agent. Your potential clients are looking for someone who is confident, trustworthy, and, overall, good at what they do. Proper branding can show all of these things and more. That’s why hiring a Chattanooga Real Estate Agent Brand Photographer that understands this is so important!

Capturing who you are and what you do in a set of images can prove to your real estate clients that you are who they should work with! Your potential clients are looking for someone who is confident, trustworthy, and knowledgable in what they do. Proper brand photography can help highlight this in your online and social media presence, showing all of these things and more.

It was an honor to work with Chattanooga Real Estate Agent, Jenna Crye, to capture a variety of images for her online presence that not only represented her as someone who can help you find your next home, but someone you can trust through the home buying process!

Imagine all that your brand imagery can say to your potential clients!

When building out your real estate brand and telling your story (along with your client’s story), you have the opportunity to let your personality and style shine through. Work with your photographer, let them know all about you and your story in order to most accurately reflect you as a real estate agent. 

A great photographer will help you create interesting and consistent imagery that will build trust with your clients. 

Headshots in front of a blank wall are always great, yet your branding photos are your time to break outside of the box and get creative in different settings! For example, Jenna’s Chattanooga Real Estate Agent Brand Photoshoot with Gaffin Creative showcased her in a variety of settings (all within the same home), and even a few outfit changes. It’s important to consider what sets you apart as a real estate agent. Why are you unique and why should someone trust you.

When planning the environments of your shoot, you’ll also want to keep in mind your ideal clientele. What style of real estate are your clients interested in? Show that style in your photos! That’s why we decided to shoot most of Jenna’s Chattanooga Real Estate Brand Photos in a home that matched what the majority of her customers were looking for in Chattanooga.

Looking to boost your branding imagery to next level? Gaffin Creative loves working with Chattanooga real estate agents to capture each unique story. Book your branding session with Gaffin Creative today, by clicking here.