You’re creating so much valuable content with your podcast episodes, but have you developed a resource hub to house all of that amazing content?

Today, I’m sharing why I believe you should create a resource hub on your website for your podcast and a few things you can do to make it even more valuable and impactful for your audience!

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You’re creating so much valuable content with your podcast episodes, but have you developed a resource hub to house all of that amazing content?

Today, I’m sharing why I believe you should create a resource hub on your website for your podcast and a few things you can do to make it even more valuable and impactful for your audience!

Hey y’all welcome to the clocking in podcast the podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals making their way in the working world i’m your host Haylee Gaffin this podcast is produced and brought to you by Gaffin Creative a podcast production company for creative entrepreneurs learn more about our services at Gaffincreative.com plus you’ll also find resources show notes and more for the clocking in podcast so let’s clock in and get to work.

Now, as a podcast producer, I’m often looked at as an editor—which, yes I am, but I believe podcast production and management is so much more than the editing of a show. From promotion to content management, a podcast producer can bring so much value to your show!

This is where I, as a podcast producer, typically introduce a podcast resource hub. Essentially this is a website or a section of your existing website that is dedicated solely to the podcast!

With many new podcast hosts, I like to encourage them to start with a simple landing page that houses a library of episodes and introduces the show and the host. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated, as I usually make this part of an existing website for my clients.

Long-term, we’ll build out a robust resource hub, but I don’t typically like to start doing that until we’re 20-30 episodes in, because that’s when we have enough content to really break it down.

So what all would I normally include in a podcast resource hub? While every single podcast is different, here are my top priorities that I like to include in the hub up front:

  • Recent Episodes
  • Introduction to the Show/Host
  • Where to Listen with Links to the Popular Players (apple & Spotify)
  • Social Media Links

Now that’s just in the beginning, but once you’ve released enough episodes, you can start doing even more with your show, including:

  • A Resource Library of Affiliate Links Mentioned in the Show
  • A Library of Lead Magnets Mentioned in the Show
  • Custom Category Pages to Help with Your Search Engine Optimization
  • A Podcast Guest Application
  • Links to Your Most Popular Episodes
  • Guest Highlights on Your Blog
  • Book Recommendations if You Share them on Your Podcast
  • And so much more

Creating this resource hub and then marketing all of the resources you’re sharing will get you so much more traffic on your website and allow you to drive more users to where you want them to go.

Another thing you should be considering when it comes to your resource hub is how you’re creating show notes for your podcast. While every podcast is different (even all of my podcast clients have a different approach), I do think having some version of show notes is important. Show notes include a description of the show, you could also include a longer version that is more like a full blog post, then include timestamped sections for easy referencing, and important links to things mentioned in the episode. Additionally, I want you to consider including a transcript to make your podcast more accessible, but also help improve your optimization for search.

I won’t spend too much time diving into the options you have with show notes, but what you can do is optimize each of these pages to guide your listener where you want them.. Either in the CTAs of the post, in the sidebar, or in how you’re leading them within the show itself.

You’ve heard me mention a few times on the show about search engine optimization and strategizing your podcast to help with your website’s SEO. This ties directly into this podcast resource hub. 

Each of your blog posts can help improve your seo, but even more importantly, the category pages I mentioned early can also make a huge impact. Whether you’re planning to build out custom category pages or simply use your service pages to highlight your podcast, I truly believe there is so much strategy that can go into your podcast that we often overlook.

Now, if you’re a podcaster and you’re looking to add search engine optimization strategy to your website and podcast, while also optimizing your resource hub, I just started offering VIP Days for podcast strategy! This could be strategy for podcast content planning, seo, revamping your podcast, and more! Essentially, you’re getting a full day of coaching, optimizing, or planning from me!

What does this entail? Initially, we’ll have a quick consult call to make sure it’s a good fit before you ever sign on, then once you’re booked for your VIP Day experience, we’ll plan a pre-vip day call to go over more official goals, what you have in place, and what you and your team can manage to implement on an ongoing basis, specifically when it comes to adding to this resource hub. From that call, I’ll go do a little bit of homework.

If you’re booking for a resource hub and seo strategy VIP day like I have been chatting about in this episode, then when your VIP day rolls around, you’ll spend 6 hours off and on with me. I’ll share my initial plan, we’ll ensure that the goal aligns, and then I’ll get to work. I’ll present a few findings, train you on how to plan with search engine optimization in mind for your content and get your resource hub expanded, built, and looking good! We’ll also come up with a long-term implementation plan for making updates!

If this is something you’re interested in, I do have two VIP days remaining in November! I’d love to jump on a quick consult call! You can inquire over in the show notes or at gaffincreative.com! Now, you may be thinking, well I don’t have enough episodes live or my show just doesn’t need this, so how do I know if it’s a good fit for me. That’s exactly why I think jumping on a consult call is so important before you ever sign on! I like to set clear expectations for what is possible, valuable, and logical for your podcast! If your show isn’t ready for a full implementation or you just don’t have enough content, rather and building out a full resource hub, we can map out what it will be and have everything ready for when you’re ready!

Now if you have a resource hub for your podcast, I’d absolutely love to see you directing people to it! Now that I’ve hit over 30 episodes, I’ll even be revisiting my own podcast resource hub, which you can see at clockinginpodcast.com, to make valuable updates for my listeners!

This has been another episode of The clocking in podcast. You can find the show notes for this episode and more at Gaffincreative.com. Thank you so much for your listenership and support. If you love this episode, I’d be so honored if you leave me a review in Apple podcast app. Until next time, I’m your host Haylee Gaffin, clocking out.