Are you a creative educator or coach with a podcast? You can optimizing your podcast show notes for search engines to help drive warm leads directly to your website! In this episode, I’m sharing how this works, why you should do it, and your next steps to creating content for your SEO strategy!

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Essential, Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) is when search engines like Google are crawling your website, indexing your content, and allowing their users to discover you. I started in SEO when I was an intern at an ad agency, this was my first taste of what content marketing is. Now, I incorporate it into as many client podcasts as possible.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is a great way to drive warm traffic to your website from search engines. When users are searching for content that you are ranking for, they are likely looking for an answer to a question. If you appear in the search results, they are likely to click on your content. That is directly driving a warm lead to you. You want to make sure that you’re the one they’re clicking on, that you’re ranking for those topics, and that you’re driving them to take the action that you want.

Search engines offer organic searches based on website content. They essentially can do the behind-the-scenes work of marketing for you without you having to create social media content and post it over time. SEO is a one-time task that takes a lot of work off of your plate in marketing.

When you prioritize SEO in your content creation, you are investing in a long-term funnel for your content and products.

Why do Creative Educators and Coaches Need SEO?

A lot of my clients are in this niche, many provide other services as well in their business. They are teaching others the things that they are doing in their business. A podcast is a great thing for those in this niche to have as well, it shows that they’re experienced and knowledgeable in a way that is driving people to trust them and work with them.

Whatever type of content you are creating to provide education, Google is going to crawl that. You want to make sure that you are optimizing all of this content for those search engines so that you are ranking, people are clicking, and becoming clients.

Now, if you are already producing a podcast and are only promoting on social media without a blog, this is your encouragement to create a resource hub.

Creating Search Engine Optimized Content

Your podcast can be a lead generator. You can organically push your products and services into your podcast episodes. Podcasting is free for the listener, but not for the host. The host is either committing time or money to it, oftentimes both. Listeners tend to be very open to being sold. But do not oversell, you still need to provide value to your listeners or you will lose them. Value first, sell second.

As you are creating this content you are building authority in your expertise and your brand. This will also help with your website. Your SEO strategy can come into play when someone searches for what you do or for answers to questions that you are answering.

The Benefits of Creating Search Engine Optimized Content

A major benefit is that you are creating content that your potential clients want to hear. I recommend asking your audience what questions they have and what they want to hear. Use that content to create your podcast episodes. When you are creating these episodes, your answers can be repurposed into text. Those answers can be put into a blog and indexed by Google and found by users looking for what you do.

Another benefit is that you are creating answers for those people that are searching. It’s great to be able to show up in search results, but it’s even better that you are providing value to potential customers. They might not know who you are when they start searching, but when they discover your site they are more likely to trust you on that topic. From exploring your website, they are then able to see that you offer services to fix their problem. Whether that’s coaching, education, or maybe a membership, you are able to guide them from your blog post to whatever content, service, or product.

This is such a simple way for educators and coaches to sell to potential customers. You are providing knowledge that the consumer does not have and is searching for. Podcast hosts can absolutely market themselves on their podcasts but also use SEO to get new clients that aren’t already familiar with them.

Grab the SEO Training

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Why do Creative Educators and Coaches Need SEO? (3:08)

Creating Search Engine Optimized Content (4:40)

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Mic Check Society SEO Training (8:30)