Starting your podcasting journey is a process with many steps. You’ll start with the fun stuff- creating and conceptualizing the show. Then you’re faced with the decision of how you’ll produce your show. You could either hire a producer ( like Gaffin Creative) or produce it yourself.

3 Tools You'll Need to Produce Your Podcast

Producing your own show requires an investment of time, and sometimes money. To help you on your podcast producing journey, Gaffin Creative has compiled the top 3 tools you’ll need to produce your podcast. 

Virtual Recording Software

Virtual recording software record your audio, whether you’re alone or with a guest! There are many options for you out there, depending on your needs and your budget. 

The major considerations for choosing a virtual recording platform come with the needs for your show. Our three top picks are Zoom, Zencastr, and Riverside FM. Audio quality, editing capabilities, and cost are the largest differences between the three. To see our further breakdown of these platforms, check out our earlier blog Virtual Recording Platforms for Your Podcast.

Editing Software

Are you producing your own podcast?

Editing software is another must-have for creating a great production. After recording, you’ll need to clean up your content, from inserting your intro and outro to trimming up unnecessary audio. Once again, there is a wide array of editing software to choose from. Our favorites are Garageband, Audacity, and Audition. Your choice of these will likely be determined by your skill level, budget, and other needs. 

Garageband is free on Mac and easy to use. The tools available in this software are simple and can help you create a high-quality podcast. If you don’t have a Mac, or you’re looking to make more complex edits, Garageband might not be for you. 

Audacity is free on all operating systems and also easy to use. Again, Audacity caters more to beginners and may be too simple for those looking to make more intensive edits. Yet, it is a great free resource. Like Garageband, Audacity is capable of creating a high-quality show. 

For a more advanced editor, Adobe Audition is a great resource. With this software, you can have complete control over your edits. With so many features and tools, there’s a bit of a learning curve for some. Yet, overall, Audition is worth the learning time and price for those looking for total freedom in editing and the highest quality. 

Podcast Hosting Platform 

The final of our top 3 tools you’ll need is a Podcast Hosting Platform. A hosting platform is crucial in getting your podcast streaming across all players. A podcast hosting platform is where you can upload all of your completed episodes. The platform stores all of these and creates your feed then delivers your content to your subscribers. From here, you can upload to any of your desired players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or others. 

Yet again, there are many platforms you can choose from! Our recommendations are Acast, Libsyn, and Blubrry. Each of these options is great for beginners. The choice here really comes down to your budget and what you are wanting from your host. 

If you still have questions about launching a podcast, but want to take the DIY route, Gaffin Creative offers more than just a one-on-one service! The next step in launching your podcast is taking the DIY route by enrolling in Podcast Launch Kit, our podcast course for beginners that guides you step-by-step through the podcast launch process to make launching your podcast a breeze.

3 Tools You'll Need to Produce Your Podcast

Another great resource for all beginning podcasters is Gaffin Creative’s Podcast Bundle. The bundle is chock full of helpful tools to get your podcast started on the right foot. Included are workbooks to help you plan every detail large and small and even a template to help you effectively communicate with guests. Check it out on the Gaffin Creative Podcast Shop!