Are you resistant to using video for your podcast? In today’s episode, I’m diving into why I think you need to use video to promote your podcast and ways to do so without becoming a Youtuber. Plus, I’m sharing clever ways that my clients have utilized video for their own podcasts. 

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Getting Started with Video:

  1. Use a recording Studio that captures video
  2. Don’t have a webcam? Use your phone as a camera (put on DND)
  3. Create a visually appealing setup

Ways to Utilize Video for Your Podcast:

  1. The obvious way is to add them to Youtube—I would consult with a Youtube strategist for the best way to use Youtube for podcasting.
  2. Reels, TikToks, and YT Shorts (and Carousals)
  3. Live recordings in FB or replays for member communities.
  4. Behind the scenes timelapses.
  5. Promotional videos beyond Reels—website videos.

Important Sections:

Getting started with video (3:29)

Using a recording studio (3:38)

Actually use your camera (4:39)

Create a visually appealing setup (6:07)

Ways to utilize video recordings (7:04)

Adding video to Youtube (7:08)

Reels, TikToks, and YT Shorts (9:13)

Utilizing live recordings (11:54)

Behind the scenes timelapses (14:01)

Promotional videos beyond social media (16:54)

Client examples (18:19)

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