Featuring guests on your podcast can be a great benefit to your show and a lot of fun! Many podcasters host guests frequently on their podcasts. Yet, many just starting out in the podcast world aren’t aware of all that goes into preparing and planning guest features. Honeybook is a great resource for podcasts hosts looking to create efficient communication with their guests!

using honeybook to manage your podcast guests

Communicating with your podcast guests can come along with a lot of back and forth, but not only that, you’ll have a ton of information to share, especially if you want to prepare your guests well for their interview. You don’t want to miss any details when it comes to preparing a guest feature, so extra communication is totally necessary. All of this can be extremely time-consuming, and if not done efficiently can mess up your episode scheduling. 

So what’s the solution? To streamline the communication between you and your guest, you can utilize a CRM (customer relationship management) software! A CRM is a tool to organize your communication with clients and in this case podcast guests, along with send agreements and house email templates.

Today, we’ll be sharing all about the benefits of combining Honeybook, our Podcast Guest Communication Email Templates, and The Legal Paige’s Podcast Guest Agreement!

Here at Gaffin Creative, we highly recommend Honeybook! In this program, you are able to easily navigate all interactions between you and your client or guest. From your first inquiry, until after their episode is published, you can manage it all in Honeybook. Honeybook even offers a super convenient app, so you can stay on track even on the go. 

One reason we love Honeybook is the amazing resources they provide to you as a freelance creator! Part of preparing a guest to be featured on your podcast comes with emailing, as we’ve mentioned, but also contracts. Writing and re-writing the same emails to your multiple guests can be time-consuming.

Honeybook allows you to create easy to use customizable templates for your emails and contracts! So no more wondering what to say or endless rewriting!

As an experienced podcast producer and host, I’ve come to find that there are X important email templates you need to help with communicating with your guests:

  • Pitching a Potential Guest
  • Scheduling an Interview with a Guest
  • Media Request (From Assistant)
  • Interview Prep (Tech & Question Guide) and Media Request
  • Episode is Going Live
  • Reminder: Your Episode is Live

We’ve created super simple copy & paste templates for more efficient guest communication that are available for purchase in our shop.

Purchase our Podcast Guest Communication Email Templates >>

We also mentioned guest agreements or contracts. When you’re starting out in podcasting you may not realize the need for legit contracts to protect both you and your guest! When you feature a guest, you are featuring their name, voice, likeness, and any other information that they give on your show. Your guest has rights to each of these things, when they sign the guest contract they are giving you the right to use them. It’s likely you’ve never had to write a contract before and don’t really know where to begin. Well, you don’t have to write one! The Legal Paige understands podcasting and everything necessary in making your podcast legit. To help you get legal with your podcasting, she has created the Podcast Guest Contract. This template simplifies the guest contract process and gets you on to the fun parts of hosting a guest! Check it out here!

Another great feature of Honeybook is workflow management. If you’re batching podcast episodes and planning ahead, it’s easy to get out of the flow and miss an important email or necessary task. Honeybook can help you automate this process with an established workflow. Schedule necessary emails and remind you of important tasks. This is a super helpful feature when it comes to guest interaction. You can streamline your efficiency and stay in touch with your guest in a much more manageable way. 

Having a guest on your podcast is not only beneficial but also a lot of fun. The details of planning and preparing shouldn’t take away from this experience. Resources like Honeybook and templates can help you quickly move from this stage to the part you enjoy! We highly recommend using these to keep you efficiently creating great content you and your listeners love.

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using honeybook to manage your podcast guests