podcast guest contract

Hosting guests on your podcast is a great experience for you, your guest, and your listeners! This is a chance to network, provide insight from other experts, and have some fun on your show. But, before you host a guest, it’s important to understand the role that a podcast guest contract plays.

A podcast guest contract will set the expectations for both you and your guest to understand how the show will be used and the permissions to use the content.

Your content is just that, your content. Yet, when you feature a guest on your podcast, some legal elements come into play. You want to make sure that it’s clear that you own the rights to your show, including how it’s distributed. This allows you to share and promote the episode as you wish.

My friend, Paige Griffith is an attorney for creatives who actually sells a podcast guest contract that I highly recommend!

For example, I was recently a guest on episode 81 of Paige’s podcast, The Legal Paige Podcast! Before joining Paige for this episode, she sent over a podcast guest contract for me to sign that outlined all expectations for each of us.

When you feature a guest, you are featuring their name, voice, likeness, and any other information that they give on your show. Your guest has rights to each of these things, when they sign the guest contract they are giving you the right to use them. 

A guest contract should cover usage rights, which will dictate how you may utilize what they share via your podcast and social media etc. 

Your guest contract will also cover the guest’s editing rights. To be considerate of your guest, you will want them to feel comfortable sharing everything. If they feel they shared something they want to be edited out they may have the right to ask so according to the details of your contract. 

Another important factor is compensation. It’s not likely that you will be paying your guest, so make sure the contract covers that. Mentioning this in the contract clears the air for you and your guest on any possible misconceptions. 

Want to go in-depth on how to get your podcast legit? Listen to my conversation with Paige Griffith on The Legal Paige, where we discuss Podcast Legalities!

Additionally, if you’re ready to grab yourself a legit podcast guest agreement, you can purchase Paige’s Podcast Guest Agreement here!

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podcast guest contract