Updated May 5, 2022: Unfortunately, Facebook has officially announced the removal of Podcasts from it’s platform. While we’re saddened by the decision, we still believe that social media promotion and repurposing your podcast content across Facebook and Instagram are valuable tools!

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In 2021, Facebook created a new experience for podcast listeners, along with an opportunity for podcast hosts. You can now add your podcast’s RSS feed to facebook for free and allow your audience to listen to your podcast within Facebook.

I’ve always been a fan on hosting your podcast on all of the podcast players you can get approved on for the accessibility of it, because every user/listener has a different preference on players. Unless your podcast is sponsored by a single podcasting outlet and they’re paying you the big bucks, I don’t see any reason as to why you wouldn’t want to be everywhere.

In addition to the accessibility of adding another platform for your audience to listen to your podcast on, a major benefit that I’ve personally found is that I spent years building up a valuable audience on Facebook that may not yet be podcast subscribers. That audience now has an opportunity to listen to Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin directly on Facebook. I’ve even had a few followers note that they’re notified each time an episode goes live, which is a win in my opinion.

How to Add Your Podcast to Facebook

  1. To attach your podcasts to your facebook account, you will need to set up a podcast business page if you haven’t already. This feature can not be accessed on a normal facebook account, so this is a necessary step to adding your podcast to facebook. Facebook will walk you through setting up a business account from start to finish.
  2. Grab your RSS feed from your podcast hosting platform. To link your podcast to facebook, you will need to use an RSS to post it to facebook.
  3. Head over to your Facebook Business Page and depending on if you have a new or a classic page, you’ll do the following:
    • For the new pages, click the Manage button on the right side of your Page, then click Manage Podcasts.
    • For the classic pages, click Podcasts in the Manage Page sidebar.
  4. Facebook will try to match your page with the correct podcast, but if not, you can click Add Podcast.
  5. Paste Your RSS Feed in the appropriate field, then click Add.
  6. Depending on your hosting platform, you may need to validate.

Once you’ve submitted your podcast, it may take some time for it to show up to the public.

To say the least, posting your podcast to facebook is very beneficial in many ways and is a very wise move to consider for your podcast.