Marketing your podcast is a vital step in growing your audience! Great marketing allows you to reach new listeners by promoting and highlighting aspects of your podcast. With social media, marketing yourself has become way more accessible. You can utilize your social media platforms to promote your podcast in a variety of ways. 

using planoly to manage your podcast social marketing

This can be overwhelming to new podcasters, it takes a lot of time to create and post social marketing. Here are our top tips on how to level up your podcast social marketing utilizing the social media planning program Planoly. 

Podcast Marketing Graphics You Can Create

You may be hesitant to begin creating content to market your podcast on your socials, but it can be super simple! Utilizing whatever programs you feel comfortable with (Adobe Suite, Canva, etc.), you can create a range of graphics to post and repurpose across your social media platforms. Some of these graphics you may already be creating for each of your podcast episodes! 

For Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin, we’ve found that these graphics work great for marketing your podcast on social media:


Your podcast show cover is what will represent your podcast branding and episode covers will be a special graphic per episode.

These episode covers make great posts, but more importantly, you can share them on stories and Pinterest by creating different sizes of the same graphic! Since you’re already creating these for players and show notes, you can repurpose your cover to promote your show or individual episode releases. 

Clocking in With Haylee Gaffin
Text-Based Quotables 

Creating variety in your feed is always fun with podcast content.

You can highlight a key moment or quote from your episode with a quotable graphic. Creating this style of graphic is super easy—you simply pull a line of dialogue from the episode and paste it onto a correlating image.

I like to use text based graphics for Instagram feeds, stories, and pinterest. Additionally you can even repurpose this into a secondary style when you incorporate audio into it with an audiogram—more on that below.

What you want to consider when pulling these quotes is making it relatable and intriguing for the potential listener to want to go listen to the full episode.


An audiogram is similar to a text-based quotable, but it has sound and functions more like a video. These are great at catching your followers’ attention and are very successful in converting followers to listeners.

Programs like Waave are easy to use and create amazing graphics that can be repurposed on all of your platforms. 

Pinterest Social Marketing

We’ve mentioned creating pins, but it’s important to highlight Pinterest. Many podcasters overlook how useful Pinterest can be as a marketing tool. We’ve found it to be very successful in reaching new listeners and even marketing the opt-ins that we create for our episodes over there as well.

Graphics for Pinterest can be any of the styles we’ve previously mentioned, as well as a range of images. You can repurpose all of the graphics you’ve previously created for your show but also create new visually striking images to grab the attention of Pinterest users. 

The wonderful thing about scheduling this content out with Planoly is that you can actually push the content on different days without having to manually post it.

Social Media Content Planners

Now, it may be obvious, but creating and posting all of this content can be very time-consuming. Creating graphics, writing captions, and posting across multiple platforms quickly becomes stressful. Thankfully, there are programs that make this process SO much easier! 

A content planning program can help you visually plan out all of your marketing content and schedule the posts for the future. This allows you to batch create and schedule all of your social content in one place. 


One great content planning program is Planoly. We love to use it because of its visuals and overall simplicity. With Planoly you are able to switch between all of your social accounts across Instagram and Pinterest. Certain plans even allow you to manage multiple accounts on both platforms. For each account, you are able to upload content and schedule all of it out on a calendar. 

For both social media platforms, you can edit your uploaded content, add captions and hashtags, then schedule the date and time your post will go live. 

The Instagram side of Planoly gives you the ability to schedule for your feed as well as your Instagram story. Plug in your content where you need it, then it will automatically post on your feed or story at the specified time. Planoly also allows you to create with Canva directly in Planoly. Create stories or posts without even leaving the page! 

When you want to plan Pinterest content, simply switch accounts and start planning. The Pinterest features are very similar to those for Instagram. But, here you are able to specify the boards to which you are posting as well as link the posts to your original content. 

Our Favorite Features

We have tried a range of social media planning programs and while there are many great ones out there, Planoly has quickly become our favorite. While there are so many useful features that make planning social marketing so easy. 

Calendar View

When planning Pinterest content, you are able to drag and drop your captioned content directly onto a calendar. The calendar shows you when you are posting and at what time. Essentially, this makes it so easy to visually plan ahead and batch your Pinterest marketing. 

Feed View

For Instagram, Planoly allows you to see your planned feed. Now, you can see exactly how your feed will look when your planned posts go live. This feature is great for visualizing how posts will interact on your page. You can move post order and make sure your page looks exactly how you want. 


Our final favorite feature is the ability to draft content. Planoly lets you upload your content, add a caption and hashtags, get it fully ready to post, then you can draft it for future use. So, you don’t have to schedule every piece of content uploaded into Planoly. We love this feature because you are able to have all of your content in one place, ready to schedule when you need it. 

With these tools, you’re ready to start your podcast social marketing. Investing your time in marketing will definitely make a major difference in your podcast growth. 

If you want to start using Planoly for your podcast social marketing, use our link here!

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using planoly to manage your podcast social marketing

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