Launching a podcast can really be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. As someone who’s managed and produced podcasts for the last four years, I want to help you understand a few things you should consider while planning your podcast concept or launch.

In this episode of Clocking In, I’m sharing a few things you need to plan out before you launch your podcast! These concepts come straight from my Podcast Planning Workbook, available in my podcast shop! If you’re ready to plan your podcast, get started with this quick 9 minute episode!

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What to Consider When Planning Your Podcas

1. Budget & Expenses

Get a full understanding oof how much to budget for your podcast in episode 7 of Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin. See my favorite Podcast Gear for Beginners, including my new podcast arm stand.

2. The Details of Your Show

a. Name – Check out the podcast naming worksheet in my podcast planning workbook.
b. Think about the Why of your podcast.
c. Who will your podcast serve?
d. What is the goal of your podcast?
e. Technical aspects of the structure of your podcast.

3. Brand Assets

Your assets include Graphics, trailer, intro & outro, and more.

4. Content Creation

Grab the Podcast Planning Workbook >>


Review the Transcript:

Launching a podcast can really be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. As someone who’s managed and produced podcasts for the last four years, I want to help you understand a few things you should consider while planning your podcast concept or launch.

Welcome back to this month’s series all about podcasting here on Clocking In. I’m your host, Haylee Gaffin, owner and podcast producer at Gaffin Creative. Now I launched this business because I love the podcasting realm—I love that there are so many opportunities to grow and learn on both the hosting side and the listener side.

Now today’s episode is all about helping you navigate your podcast plan. While I’m sharing some of the highlights, I also know just how tough it can be to do this alone and figure out everything you need to do as a new host. That’s why I build out my Podcast Planning Workbook, which is available now in my podcast shop at gaffincreative.com/shop. For $59 you can get started planning out the important aspects of your podcast! I’m also here as resource if you need more guidance along the way!

Now let’s chat about a few things you need to consider when planning for your podcast!

1. Expenses and Budget – I’ve talked about budgeting for podcasts in earlier episodes, but I think it’s really important to determine what budget you have when starting a podcast and how much you need to hand off to someone else, especially if you already have a full plate in your business.

There are also a few programs that you’ll need to expense every year (or every month) that I do cover in episode 7. Head over to gaffincreative.com/007 to listen to more details about budgeting for a podcast.

Along with those expenses comes the gear and programs you’ll want to use for your podcast. I’ve made a list of my favorite podcast gear over on the blog, which include:

Podcasting Gear Budget: $155 (2:13)

Microphone – $99 Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Foam Windscreen – $2.99

XLR to USB C Cable – $39.99

Microphone Stand – $10

And I’ve just added a new microphone arm to my setup that I’m currently using to record this episode and I’ve got to say, i’m a huge fan of the arm so I’ll link it in the show notes as well!

See my blog post for podcast equipment for beginners.

2. Now the second thing you’ll want to consider is the details of your own show. Let’s start with the name. Your podcast’s name is important because it needs to be relevant to your brand and easily recognizable too your listeners. Now in my podcast planning workbook, I have a full worksheet to help you brainstorm your podcast’s name if you’re struggling.

With the details of your podcast, you’ll need to think about how you want to set it up, use it in your business or for fun, and what types of content you’ll share.

Think about who your podcast will serve, what the goal of your podcast is, if it’s measurable, and how you plan to monetize or market your business through your podcast. You’ll also need to consider a few technical details, like how you’ll categorize your podcast, will you offer seasons or continual episodes, how often will you release, and how long will the episodes be? Then what about the structure of your podcast – will it have and intro and outro or ads, or music.

All of these technical aspects are things to consider before you ever start recording your show.

3. The third thing I want you to consider is the brand assets. This includes your podcast graphics, your trailer content, and your intro and outro. These assets are the first thing your listeners will be met with when you go to launch your podcast. It’s important that they convey the message you want to send, along with all of the content you’ll be sharing about.

4. The last thing I want you to consider while planning your podcast is the content you’ll be creating.. I encourage all of my podcast launch clients to come up with topics to fill the first three months of their calendar. These don’t have to be set in stone, but outline the types of content you’ll create for three months will help you understand if you’re ready to launch a podcast and if your concept has enough value and content to be a podcast.

Now I know I’ve just touched the surface of what planning a podcast looks like, but I want you to know that going into a podcast launch with a plan will save you so much last minute shuffling whenever you do launch. Now as I mentioned, I have created a detailed workbook for $59 at gaffincreative.com/shop that covers all of this and more. I guide you through planning your podcast and help you understand what all you need prior to submitting your show!

Now if you’re taking the DIY route for your podcast launch, it’s important that you head back to last week’s episode to learn about pushing your podcast onto podcast players! If you’re sitting here thinking, Haylee, I want to launch a podcast, but I don’t have time to work on all of this or even learn how to do it, that’s where I come in. I love launching new podcasts! Whether you want a hand in every step of the way or you want someone to tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, I’m your girl.

You can head over to the show notes at gaffincreative.com/022, where I’ll link you to all my podcast resources and you can even inquire with me about launching your podcast.. And spoiler alert – my podcast launch clients all get that workbook for free! 

I hope you’re enjoying this month’s series all about podcasting! Looking forward to sharing with you next week on the podcast! Talk to you soon!

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