We talk a lot about feeling overwhelmed on this podcast—both in business in life. While I mostly offer solutions, I’ve neglected to share the most important one: taking a break.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing about why you haven’t seen a new episode from me in two weeks and what it can look like to take a break from something in your business or life when you get a little overwhelmed (or just aren’t up for sharing).

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It’s Memorial Day, a day to honor those who lost their lives fighting for our country, so I want to take a moment to reflect on that. This day isn’t just about a long weekend or kicking off summer—it’s about the sacrifice so many have made.

Today, I want to keep this episode really short and simple. Maybe today and this week are really emotional for you and your family. Maybe you’re not ready to release content or post on social media, and maybe it feels disingenuous to post about business or work. Today, I’m sharing about what it looks like to take a break from something in your business or your career, when you need to, because I recently did just that.

Hey y’all welcome to the clocking in podcast the podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals making their way in the working world i’m your host Haylee Gaffin this podcast is produced and brought to you by Gaffin Creative a podcast production company for creative entrepreneurs learn more about our services at Gaffincreative.com plus you’ll also find resources show notes and more for the clocking in podcast so let’s clock in and get to work.

You may have noticed that I didn’t release any episodes over the last two weeks. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just share that things got a little overwhelming in business and life.

I’ve been working on a really exciting venture in my business, that I’ll be sharing about in a few weeks, I’ve also booked out my client list for most of the summer, and have been brainstorming some new installation ideas for the studio.

All in all, I overbooked and overwhelmed myself for a couple of weeks as I wrapped up a few big projects while introducing new ones. And then life just happened—trying to find a balance in everyday life while running a business full-time is overwhelming.

I know some of you listening may be in a similar situation. Maybe you’re completely booked up with clients, or maybe you’re doing things in your business that aren’t driving sales but are taking up a ton of time. Maybe something in your personal life is just more important that working on your business right now. I get that.

This is a reminder, that you can take a break, you can pivot where needed, and you can change the way you originally started something. You can just be there for yourself.

While I require a quarterly commitment for my podcast clients for consistency in income but also for accountability on their end, I am an understanding person. I believe consistency is important in podcasting, I also know life happens. When you need a break or you need to slow down, you can. 

This quick X minute episode has been weighing on me for a few weeks. It’s not an over-the-top, amazing idea, it’s really just a reminder to put your self care first.

Here are three things I want you to do today:

  1. List your priorities in life down on a piece of paper. They don’t have to be in any order.
  2. Come up with one task or action item that will take less than 5 minutes on how you’ll pour into that person or thing today.
  3. Now go do it.

If your business wasn’t on that list today, that’s ok. Save it for another day. Now, if you’re off work today, make sure you’re doing something for yourself and your priorities.

This has been another episode of The clocking in podcast. You can find the show notes for this episode and more at Gaffincreative.com. Thank you so much for your listenership and support. If you love this episode, I’d be so honored if you leave me a review in Apple podcast app. Until next time, I’m your host Haylee Gaffin, clocking out.

I normally cheer for a woman or two at the end of every episode, but on this Memorial Day, I’m honoring for the men & women who lost their lives for our country and our freedom. I’m thinking of their families and their sacrifice in the loss of their loved ones. I want to send them a thank you.