Has hosting a podcast been on your bucket list for a while, but maybe you’re not ready to bring on a podcast producer? You’re in for a special treat! In today’s episode, you’re getting the first look at Podcast Launch Kit, my beginner course for hopeful podcast hosts! Today, I’m sharing why I created this course, who this course is for, and if it’s a right fit for you! Come join me, won’t you?

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Who is this Course for? (1:30)

Why I Created this Course (2:10)

Course Vs. Podcast Producer (3:02)

What’s Included in the Course (4:17)The Investment (5:43)

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Today’s episode is a special treat for me. I’m honored, excited, and slightly overwhelmed with emotion to introduce Podcast Launch Kit, a beginner course for hopeful podcast hosts. Today, I’m sharing why I created this course, who this course is for, and if it’s a right fit for you! Come join me, won’t you?

Hey y’all welcome to the clocking in podcast the podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals making their way in the working world i’m your host Haylee Gaffin this podcast is produced and brought to you by Gaffin Creative a podcast production company for creative entrepreneurs learn more about our services at Gaffincreative.com plus you’ll also find resources show notes and more for the clocking in podcast so let’s clock in and get to work.

When I started sharing about the podcast production side of my business, I had so many people reach out and encourage me to create a course. I never in a million years imagined that I would be a podcast host, podcast producer, and definitely not a podcast course creator… but here I am. 

I’m officially launching Podcast Launch Kit to the public tomorrow, November 9th. As my podcast audience, you’re getting the first look and access into all the details and excitement behind Podcast Launch Kit. Not only that, but you’re even getting a special discount for being a loyal podcast audience!

So, what exactly is Podcast Launch Kit?

Podcast Launch Kit is a beginner level course specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to take the DIY route to launching their podcast. In as little as a week, you can go from idea to plan to launch.

While there are 100s of ways and approaches to launching a podcast, but this course will guide you through the exact approach I take in helping my own clients launch their podcast! I do want to share a quick disclaimer though—you do not have to be a business owner for this course to work for you!

The foundation and strategy behind this course was built with a business owner in mind, but the steps don’t require you to have a business!

Now, let’s talk about why I created this course. There are so many things I believe we want to do as business owners and just people in general, and maybe fore you launching a podcast is one of them. You may not be 100% invested in the project or you may want to take every step of the way yourself, or maybe you’re just not ready to invest in a producer—I get it.

I’ve jumped on plenty of sales calls with potential clients who were a perfect fit, but they just didn’t have the budget or they wanted to know more about the process and how much they could do versus a producer.

This course was created as an offer for them.. Which may be you as well. I wanted to be able to point those people to a resource that was valuable for them.

Now, the difference between this course and working with me one on one is important to highlight. When you work with me…. I’m doing 90% of the work that you’ll learn about in this course.

Clients who work with me come to me with an idea or concept, and then I help them move that idea into a plan and then a launched podcast. I do a bit of scripting, I edit the show, I develop a strategy…. All things that when you take the DIY route, you will need to consider and do yourself. Don’t worry though… this course helps you walk through that.

I’m taking my students in the course on a step by step journey, eliminating information overwhelm and highlighting the information you need to know in the order you need to know it. There are tons of steps to take, lots of education to consume, and most of the time, potential pooodcast hosts are spending more time google things they don’t understand than they actually are working on their podcast. 

I wanted to take away that guesswork and help you learn how to launch your podcast as fast or as slow as you want..

Ok, so we’ve covered the why behind the course, along with the difference in going through the course as a student vs. working with me as a client… now I want to give you the good stuff—what’s included in this course?

Within this course, I’m covering exactly what you need to know to launch your podcast. Over the course of five modules, along with a bonus module to help you plan ahead, we’re covering:

  • An introduction to podcasting that highlights why you should start one, expectations and expenses in podcasting, and how to get the most out of the course.
  • Podcast planning to help you brainstorm podcast concepts, topics, names, music, podcast structure, and formatting, along with a little strategy
  • Podcast recording and editing for solo shows, interviews, and more
  • Content Planning for strategic podcast episodes that will serve your brand
  • The Podcast Launch process to take you step by step of setting up your podcast and officially launching it on players
  • Next steps for staying consistent, creating topics, and knowing when it’s time to outsource your editing.

Essentially, I wanted to create a course that would take a fresh, new beginner through the process of launching a podcast without creating any confusion. While I cover specific approaches and programs, there are tons of ways to do this, but I’m showing you my way. 

So what does the investment of Podcast Launch Kit look like?

In this first iteration of Podcast Launch Kit (I say first, because I plan to keep it updated), it will sell for $297, but will begin with an introductory price of $197 through November 14th. 

Now, I want to give you, my podcast audience a special discount today only! Use the code CLOCKINGIN and you’ll receive an additional $48 off the introductory pricing, so you can snag Podcast Launch Kit for just $149. You can grab your seat in Podcast Launch Kit at podcastlaunchkit.com or head to the show notes of this episode at gaffincreative.com/035

I truly appreciate each and every one of you who is subscribed and listening to this show! I’m hopeful that those of you who are listening will be a podcast host soon through Podcast Launch Kit! If you have any questions about podcast Launch Kit, make sure to reach out to me at @hayleegaffin on Instagram.

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