You sit down to record your podcast content, but what are you supposed to include? Today’s episode is all about the structural components that make up a podcast episode and the different ways you can arrange them! Listen in as I describe some of the most popular elements and structures that I see with my podcast clients, and the podcasts I personally listen to!

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Why Structuring your Podcast is Important (1:40)

Elements of a Podcast Episode (1:52)

  • Podcast Intro (2:05) 
  • Episode Intro (2:27)
  • Advertisements (3:14) 
  • Example of Advertisement  (3:51)
  • Content (4:34) 
  • Episode Outro (5:18) 
  • Podcast Outro (5:35)
  • Bonus/Next Episode Teaser (6:10)

How to Use The Elements to Structure Your Episode (7:00)

Different Ways You Can Style Your Episodes (7:33) 

  • Standard Structure (7:45)
  • Clocking In Structure  (8:13) 
  • Starting With Music (8:44) 
  • Starting With Ad (9:40)

Experiment with Styles (10:42)

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