Creating a podcast for your business is a unique way to reach new clients and provide great content to listeners. Your podcast also provides a platform to market your services with ads and organic marketing. 

How To Market Your Services On Your Podcast

A podcast is a great resource for your business! Not only can your podcast be a valuable source of education for your audience, but you can also market your business on it as well!

Establish yourself as an expert voice in your industry by sharing insight with your listeners. This is your chance to share what you know, become the person your audience will turn to for advice on your subject. Highlight upcoming projects, launches, and more information in your episodes, keep your followers in the loop! This allows you to create a more established relationship with your listeners and clientele, you’re putting a face and voice to your business!

If you’re thinking of launching a podcast for your business, check out this episode of Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin to dig deeper into how you can benefit from a business podcast.

Now, a podcast for your business is a fantastic way to present your products or services to your audience without constantly pushing advertisements at them. Yes, you are still advertising to your audience but it is through a medium that feels natural and resourceful to your listeners. 

You are able to promote any range of content you have available to your customers. Integrate these promotions into the topic of your episode for a seamless ad. This type of organic marketing is beneficial to you and more enjoyable for your listeners. You can make a light mention about what you’re wanting to promote or create a whole episode covering a topic that is relevant to your product, service, or course.

 Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin is a great example of this idea at work, most episodes feature a product, service, or course offered by Gaffin Creative. 


Promote your products by creating an episode presenting the need for said product. For example, Episode 017 of Clocking In is useful to podcast creators looking to streamline their production. Haylee was able to introduce her product and refer it to the listener. This episode was even able to cover a few products and show the audience why they should be interested. 


Gaffin Creative offers Podcast Production services and is able to highlight this in the majority of Clocking In episodes. Haylee is a podcast expert and is able to share her experience in the field with her audience. By sharing her expertise she illustrates to her audience the value of her services. Not only are you able to directly reference your services with ads, but you are also able to demonstrate how your services can aid your listeners. 

For example, in episode 013 of Clocking In, Haylee shares with her audience how to know when to outsource podcast editing. Haylee is showing the need and is able to immediately follow up with a plug for her editing services. 


Many business owners looking to share educational tools to help others in their field have launched courses. Through a course, you can give your students a more in-depth and hands-on look into different aspects of your business. You can promote this on your podcast, too! 

Gaffin Creative’s course Podcast Launch Kit helps anyone looking to launch a podcast do so successfully. This course is highly relevant to listeners of Clocking In, so it was crucial for Haylee to promote it with an episode. This brings us to our example! Haylee was able to structure an entire episode around the Podcast Launch Kit, providing useful info to listeners while promoting the new course.  Check out episode 035 to see how she integrated this into her podcast. 

Another great way to market your services on your podcast is by inserting your ads into episodes. We’ve talked about mentioning your services as a talking point in an episode, but you can also include an ad break of sorts. Many podcasters do this to highlight their services even when it does not directly relate to the topic. Think of it as a commercial break on TV-you’re pausing the topic to explicitly market what you’re aiming to promote. 

With your podcast not only can you market your services in all the ways we’ve mentioned thus far you’re also able to directly point your listeners to your site in each episode. In your outro, you can send listeners to visit your site. Encourage them by offering a free downloadable relevant to your services. From here, those following through can enter their email to access this free resource. Then they are further connected with you through your newsletter. This pathway can turn your podcast listeners into loyal followers and clients! For more insight into this super effective marketing strategy check out episode 037 of Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin here

Your business podcast is able to benefit you and your business in so many ways when you begin to employ some of these tips. If you’re looking to gain more insight into a successful business podcast check out Podcast Launch Kit here

Through this course, Haylee Gaffin shares her knowledge of podcast production she’s gained through many successful podcast launches. Skip any guesswork and excessive googling sessions and learn directly from a podcasting expert. 

How To Market Your Services On Your Podcast