I’m so excited to share this episode of the Branded by Bernel podcast with you! I’m usually behind the scenes of my client’s podcast, but this time I got to be a guest on one! 

Bernel is an amazing branding coach and web designer who helps her clients turn their visual ideas into reality to grow their businesses. The Branded by Bernel Podcast covers branding from all angles, and Bernel sits down with all types of creative business owners to give her listeners great tips.

In this episode, we talked about how to leverage your podcast as a marketing tool for your business, which is a topic I’m really passionate about. I believe your podcast can grow your business, boost customer loyalty, and help you find your ideal audience.

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Where to Start With Launching a Podcast

Before you launch a podcast, I recommend that you brainstorm:

  1. Why do you want to host a podcast?
  2. What are your goals with your podcast?
  3. Who is your ideal audience?

I offer one-on-one services, like VIP Day and Podcast Launch, where I walk new podcasters through every step of launching a brand new podcast. 

How to Use Your Podcast to Market Your Business

Before we dive into this info, it’s crucial that you know your goals with your podcast. Are you using the podcast to set yourself up as an expert in your industry, position yourself for speaking opportunities, or sell more of your services? Having a deep understanding of your goal will guide you in how you market your podcast!

Use Your Content to Establish Yourself as an Expert

When you think about selling your products and services through your podcast, your mind might go to podcast ads first. However, I think the most effective way to sell your own products and services is through your podcast content. 

For example, as a podcast producer, the majority of episodes of the Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin podcast are about podcasting. I give my listeners valuable and free content that helps them grow their podcast throughout the episode, and at the end, I offer another resource from my shop that they can use to take their education a step further. 

I don’t use every episode of my podcast to sell something, but when I do, I work it in organically and make sure that listeners are getting tons of value from the episode already. Setting yourself up as an expert in your niche is an effective way to turn listeners into leads while building trust with your audience.

Optimize Your Podcast Show Notes

Too many podcast hosts overlook the power of search engine-optimized show notes pages on their websites. These pages help your podcast and website rank higher on Google, which leads more listeners to your show. Plus, if your listeners want to become customers, the show notes give them all the links they need to take the next step with you.

I encourage all of my podcast clients to create SEO show note pages for every single one of their episodes because it creates a library of valuable resources that your listeners can also access. 

Podcast Advertising and Sponsorships

For podcast advertisements and sponsorships to work, they need to be aligned with your value systems. One way to get started with advertising is through affiliate marketing. You can sign up for affiliate programs, like the Honeybook program, talk about it on your podcast, and leave your links in your show notes. After a couple of episodes, you can evaluate your data and take it to the brand to ask for a sponsorship.

Repurpose Your Podcast for Other Content

I love podcasts because they are a great source of long-form content that you can repurpose in multiple ways. For example, all of my podcast episodes also have an accompanying blog post. I also publish a weekly blog outside of my podcast, and sometimes I refer to old posts to come up with new podcast episode ideas. 

When I publish content, I always internally link my website and podcast, which boosts my SEO strategy. You can also use podcast episode content for social media posts, newsletters, and so much more.

Growing Your Business Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Bernel asked me about my biggest surprise as an entrepreneur, and my answer is that it doesn’t have to be scary. Before going full-time with my business, I had the idea that entrepreneurship looked like a 24/7 hustle. Now that I’ve been running my business full-time for a year and a half, I’ve built in my own version of balance through outsourcing and scheduling time off for myself. 

You can have your own version of balance while using your podcast to grow your business for you. Check out my podcast launch services or contact me for your podcast producing needs, and don’t forget to give this episode of Branded by Bernel a listen!