Boosting Your SEO Rankings with Your Podcast

Has this happened to you? You put your heart and soul into your podcast, create a rock-solid brand around it, and when you finally release it, your downloads fall flat. As a hardworking podcast host and creator, nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your efforts aren’t paying off. 

The goal of podcasting isn’t to have a massive audience (or if it is, good for you! Let me help you get there.), but you still want to grow a community of listeners that includes more people than your mom.

One of the most overlooked podcasting tools is SEO. Did you know you can utilize it to draw more people to your podcast? Keep reading for my best tips!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It involves strategies you can implement in your online content to help it get seen on Google. The goal is to rank highly in a Google search when someone looks for your product or service because let’s face it, no one clicks on links past page one on Google.

The main way to boost your SEO is to do keyword research to find out what people are searching for in your niche. 

Keyword Research for Your Podcast

Before you plan your podcast episodes, you should spend time researching what your listeners are searching for on Google. You can use plug-ins like Keywords Everywhere or SEMRush to find out how many searches keywords get per month. Check out this resource to learn how to choose the right keywords for your audience size.

Once you choose the main keyword for your podcast episode, you should incorporate it into your podcast title and summary.

Episode Web Pages 

Next, create optimized web or blog pages for every episode you release. The page should include a summary of the episode, bio of your guest, episode transcript, and your show notes. Include the episode’s keyword in the following places:

  • The title of the page
  • The metadata title and description
  • Throughout the content on the page
  • In at least one heading on your page
  • Page URL

Check out a few examples of web pages I’ve created for my individual podcast episodes on the Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin:

Hint hint…all of these episodes will help you learn more about SEO!

Resource Hub

Once you have a few episode web pages, you can create a landing page for your podcast so that your listeners can see your full library. After you release around 30 episodes, you can turn the landing page into a full resource hub that includes affiliate links, guest applications, lead magnets, and more. Check out my podcast episode above to learn more about resource hubs!

One-On-One SEO Coaching

Boosting your podcast’s SEO ranking can have a huge impact on your listenership. To learn more about how to implement a customized SEO plan for your podcast, schedule a one-on-one consultation with me!