Remember when you used to spend hours crafting a perfect playlist of all your favorite songs to burn to a CD for your friends? And then your iTunes player started creating playlists for you and changed your life? 

All of a sudden you could easily share your favorite jams, listen to your playlist from your iPod nano, and update it with the newest bops? Well, now you can do all of that with podcasts with Spotify Playlists (iPod nano not included) and even explore playlists created by others (like the team at Spotify).

Why You Want to Get Your Podcast on a Podcast Playlist

Getting one of your podcast episodes on a Spotify playlist is a great way to reach new listeners and grow your subscriber count. It makes your podcast easier to discover because the playlists are sorted by theme, genre, topic, and even Spotify’s suggestions. 

Essentially, if you host a true crime podcast, Spotify is going to suggest your show on a playlist to users who already love that genre. Spotify members can also share playlists with their friends. It’s an ideal way to get right in front of your target listeners!

How it Works

There are three types of podcast playlists on Spotify: user-created, personalized, and editorial. In the Spotify app, you can find podcast playlists on your home screen, in your library, and on the browse screen.

Any Spotify member can make a user-created playlist and share it with friends. Personalized playlists are created for members by Spotify using their preferences and history. It accumulates new episodes of podcasts they’re already subscribed to and adds episodes from shows that they might like. 

Editorial playlists are specifically crafted by an editorial team on Spotify, and getting on these playlists is a major promotion for your show. For example, one editorial playlist that listeners all over the world see is “Best Podcasts of the Week.” 

Just like with Apple podcast promotion, you have to submit your podcast to get put on editorial Spotify playlists. Spotify’s editors are hardcore podcast fans who listen to around 20 hours of podcasts a week, so they have high standards. They look for specific factors, like compelling storytelling or education, a great hook, and consistency, before they feature a new podcast.

The editorial team also takes your podcast marketing plan into consideration when choosing whether or not they’ll feature your show. The more you show up on social media, the more likely they’ll favor you, especially if you tag @SpotifyPodcasts on your posts.

Ready to submit your show to the Spotify playlist editorial team? Use this submission form. Don’t worry if they don’t choose you at first; the editorial team often revisits podcasts they’ve listened to before to see how they’ve improved and progressed!  

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