As a podcast creator, you want to take advantage of all the marketing tools you can to get your podcast in front of new listeners. One way to launch your show to new ears is to get it promoted by Apple Podcasts.

The editors over at Apple Podcasts are always looking for new shows to promote on their browse page. Learn how and when you should submit your show to get promoted by Apple Podcasts below.

When Should You Submit for Apple Podcast’s Promotion? 

Everyone wants to get their podcast on Apple’s radar, so they are looking for episodes that capture their attention. They want content that is entertaining, offers a new perspective, tells a unique story, or provides expert niche information. 

I recommend waiting to submit until you have a few rock-solid episodes published. That way your new audience has content to binge. You also need to have an optimized episode title and eye-catching art. Read more about what the editors want

Requesting a Monday as your feature date will work in your favor because that’s when Apple refreshes its features.

How to Submit for Apple Podcast Promotion

Fill out the Apple Podcast submission form to be considered for promotion. Before you start, make sure your podcast marketing plan is top-notch because the submission form will ask for details.

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