One of the most powerful things about podcasting that most hosts don’t utilize enough is how it can grow other aspects of your brand. Your podcast should not be on an island that’s separate from your other marketing strategies, it should be incorporated and leveraged into your entire marketing plan!

One way to leverage your podcast’s success is to use it to grow your email list. Plus, your email marketing can grow your podcast listenership, so it’s a win-win situation when you do it right.

This guide will break down how podcasters can use email marketing to support their brand and increase their reach.

Why Email Marketing is so Important

Never overlook the power of a solid email list! In the age of online entrepreneurship and social media marketing, your email list is one of the few platforms that you actually own. Apps like Instagram and TikTok could go away tomorrow, but you can always reach your target audience through your email list. 

Having an email list also gives you opportunities to have one-on-one conversations with your subscribers. You know that the people who respond to your email campaigns are the ones who are really invested in your brand and what you offer, so it’s a great way to nurture those relationships.

Email campaigns also have a high success rate when it comes to converting followers to customers. Brands spend tons of money on their email marketing campaigns every year because they’re so effective at grabbing the attention of the right people. 

How to Grow Your Email List Through Your Podcast

An easy way to leverage your podcast to grow your email list is to talk about it in your episodes. I recommend offering something to your listeners for signing up, like an exclusive downloadable resource.

If you’re leading podcast listeners to your site to sign up for your email list, make sure you make it easy to find. Use a pop-up that encourages them to sign up when they first get to your site or place the contact somewhere front and center so they can’t miss it. 

You can also create cool experiences for your email subscribers, like Pop Up Podcasting. The more value you give them through both your podcast and your email list, the more they’ll want to tune into your content across multiple platforms.

How to Grow Your Podcast Through Your Email List

Now let’s talk about how things can work the other way around. First, you need to decide how often you want to send out email campaigns. Just like with podcasting, consistency is key. Whether you send emails weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, you can use them to highlight what’s been happening on the podcast.

If you create a blog post of show notes for each of your podcast episodes (and you should!), you can repurpose copy from those pages to give your email subscribers a small blurb about your recent episodes. 

You can also ask for podcast ratings and reviews in your email list. Loyal listeners will rate your podcast without getting anything in return, but if you want to push for more written reviews, you can offer a downloadable gift as an incentive.

Your email list is also a great place to connect with podcast listeners one-on-one. Podcasting is a one-way platform, and it’s hard to get real-time feedback unless you ask your listeners for it. 

In your emails, you can ask their opinions on your recent episodes, what they want to hear next, and what questions they have that you could answer on the podcast. Getting this feedback will not only create long-term listeners, but it will help you steer your show in the right direction based on what your audience wants.

Learn More About Email Marketing for Podcasting

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