Online marketing and social media strategies are constantly changing, but there is one thing that has remained true for years: your email list is your most valuable asset. 

Does the world of podcast email marketing intimidate you? It doesn’t have to when you use it to your advantage. You can set up a quick and easy process to engage your podcast listeners through your email newsletter. Keep reading to learn my podcast email marketing strategy.

Why Podcast Email Marketing is So Valuable

Podcast email marketing offers you a direct line to your listeners outside of your podcast episodes. It’s a great way to maintain contact with them in between your posting schedule. You can share valuable resources and news with them that doesn’t make it into the podcast.

Sending out a regular email newsletter is also a great way to stay top of mind with your podcast listeners. You can remind them about recent episodes they may have missed to maintain their listenership.

Another reason podcast email marketing is so valuable is that you can market your other products and services to your subscribers. As devoted listeners, they are your prime target customers. They already love what you offer and view you as an expert in your niche, so they are the easiest audience to convert to customers. 

Your podcast subscribers also want to be in the know about what’s going on with your podcast and business, so a regular email makes them valued and keeps them engaged.

How to Use Podcast Email Marketing

The first step in your podcast email marketing strategy is to decide on your frequency. You can send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly emails depending on what works for you. To decide, take into consideration your schedule and how much time you can put into your newsletter. Your audience size, niche, and business will also impact your decision.

You can play around with different frequencies to find what works for you and your audience. Your schedule can change as your audience grows too, so don’t worry that you are locked into a set frequency.

Next, consider what content you want to include in your emails. You want each one to add value to your listeners to avoid them hitting that unsubscribe button. Plus, no one likes emails that are constantly asking for something from their subscribers. 

Add value first so that when you do have a product or service to launch or want to ask your subscribers to leave you podcast reviews, they are ready to answer your call to action.

I recommend including your recent podcast episodes and blog posts in each newsletter to remind your listeners of the free content that is already available to them. If you offer any regular services, like business coaching, you should also include a blurb about that. 

Your email newsletter is a great place to include direct notes & messages to your audience. For example, you could thank them for supporting your podcast, send them a life update, or ask them what they want to hear in future episodes. The more you make them feel involved in the behind-the-scenes of your podcast, the better.

How to Grow Your Podcast Email Marketing List

With the right strategy, growing your podcast email marketing list automates itself. First, you can offer free downloadable resources for opting in on your website. You should also have a subscription page on your website, like this one.

Another place to share about your newsletter is on your actual podcast. You can promo the newsletter and the free resource you’re currently giving away to new subscribers during the intro or outro of your episodes. Some podcast hosts treat their newsletter as a sponsor of the podcast and record a mid-episode ad for it. 

Finally, you can share your newsletter on your social media channels. Give your followers the behind-the-scenes look of you putting the newsletter together a few days before it goes out so that they have time to subscribe.  

While all of these strategies are effective, the best way to grow a newsletter audience is to share top-notch content. Your subscribers need to get something out of your newsletter that they aren’t already getting from your podcast or social media platforms, so it’s important to offer exclusive content that’s only for insiders. 

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