Financial freedom has a nice ring to it, huh? It’s a buzzword for a reason—there is so much freedom that comes with having a little less responsibility on you financially. 

In today’s episode, I’m highlighting a few ways that financial freedom has impacted my life, opened doors to exploring different possibilities in life, and allowed me to chase a dream I really never imagined possible.

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Financial Freedom is a Priority and What it Means to Me (00:58)

Transitioning into Entrepreneurship because of Financial Freedom (2:55)

Working Full Time for Yourself (4:30)

Where I Was 5 Years Ago (5:17)

How The Pandemic Affected My Job (6:51)

Exploring Podcast Production and Photography Full Time (7:54)

Becoming a Full-Time Entrepreneur (8:43)

The Power of Financial Freedom (9:58)

Make Financial Freedom a Priority (10:22)


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