hitting the reset on your podcast

Is it time to hit the reset button on your podcast? It can be easy to miss when things need to be revisited within your podcast. Today we’re walking through what it looks like to hit the reset button on your podcast and when you know it’s time to reevaluate it.

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Mini Podcast Audit Challenge

If you have a podcast, don’t miss out on our podcast audit challenge, happening August 16-18th!

Details about the Challenge Day 2

Details about the Challenge Day 3

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Check out the Show Notes:

What is a Podcast Audit (2:02)

Mic Check Society (2:30)

How to Know When To Audit Your Podcast (3:44) 

  • You’ve Lost Motivation to Create Content 
  • You are Burnt Out on Creation of Marketing
  • You aren’t Seeing Growth
  • Your Podcast isn’t Serving Your Goal
  • You’re Not Sure Who You’re Serving 
  • You’ve Pivoted Away From the Reason You Started

Where Should You Get Started? (6:30)

What the Audit Challenge Covers (7:02)

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hitting the reset on your podcast

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