Building a brand is a crucial part of establishing yourself  in any field.  By presenting a cohesive brand you’re presenting an image that reflects you. One major part of branding is your brand photography! Gaffin Creative is a Chattanooga Brand Photographer who works with creatives to build consistent brand imagery.

Sara Fisher is a Chattanooga yoga instructor who was looking to create beautiful imagery to build her branding.

When potential clients are looking for a yoga instructor, or any other expert in a field, they are looking for someone who can be confidently trusted. By including photos of Sara practicing yoga, perspective clients see that she’s not just all show. She knows what she’s doing.


A major part of Sara’s branding as a yoga instructor is zen peace and tranquility. So, it was important to include this feeling in her brand photos.

Being consistent in your branding is an important part of building trust with your clients. The photos captured in your branding session can be used across all social platforms and on your website, every client is likely to see them. Because of this you’ll want your images to actually reflect you and what you do. Your photos create the first impression for a perspective client viewing your socials, use this as an opportunity to build a trust with them from this first moment. 

Are you ready to start establishing your brand? Gaffin Creative offers a range of branding session perfect for whatever style you’re looking for.

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