Six months ago, I’d never even considered what content batching could do for my business, but since implementing it into my own work and my client work, it has made such a huge impact on my business. In this episode, I’m highlighting a few benefits of content batching and why I think you should use it in your podcast content creation!

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How Does Content Batching Help With Podcasting (2:05)

Efficiency (2:09)

Build Out Time Off in Your Schedule (2:36)

Strategic Content Marketing (3:15)

Less Last-minute Work (4:13)

Grab your free ticket to Chasing Simple: The Summit
Grab the Content Creator Toolkit from Chasing Simple: The Summit

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Content Batching has made such a huge impact on my business over the last few months. As this episode is airing, I’m traveling home from a week long vacation, where I didn’t have to do any work even as a podcast producer who pushes out weekly episodes for all of my clients—thanks to batching! Today’s episode is going to highlight a few reasons I’m a big fan of content batching.

Hey y’all welcome to the clocking in podcast the podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals making their way in the working world i’m your host Haylee Gaffin this podcast is produced and brought to you by Gaffin Creative a podcast production company for creative entrepreneurs learn more about our services at Gaffincreative.com plus you’ll also find resources show notes and more for the clocking in podcast so let’s clock in and get to work.

After managing podcasts for the last four years, I’ve found what works best for my business and how I prefer to work. I’m absolutely the type of person that produces better work if I’m not under a time crunch.. Therefore I like to work ahead of schedule.

This means that I’m asking my clients to work ahead as well. While I don’t have all of my clients on a batching schedule, the majority of them are and make my job seamless.

Now before we get too far into this episode, I want to tell you that I am no expert in content batching, but I enrolled in Club Content Batching with Amanda Warfield earlier this year and it absolutely changed my business. Amanda is hosting an online summit for content creators this week. Yes, today through Friday, she’s brought together 20 amazing speakers and experts in their own fields to share all about content creation and marketing, more specifically for course creators, speaker, and podcast hosts.. This means you’re going to want to grab a seat at it! Make sure you head to my show notes at gaffincreative.com/031 to grab your seat!

So how does content batching help with podcasting and production? 

1. It allows for more efficient work to be done. Not only am I batching my podcast episodes, but I’m also batching social media, my hours at work, and even the types of work I’m doing each day. For example, I only take meetings on two days a week and focus on podcast editing and production the other two days for my clients. When I’m not having to worry about jumping from task to task, I’m not having to refocus on the work I’m creating. This efficiency comes from batching.

2. Batching also allows me to build out time off in my schedule. One major reason I took this leap of faith as an entrepreneur was to have a flexible schedule that allowed me more time off whenever I wanted it. This means I get to set my own schedule and built it out better.. I can batch more work on heavier workload weeks, but maybe take an extra day or two, or even just a half day every now and then when I have the capacity in my workload. In batching, I’m setting expectations for my clients on when they should have their content to me, and then I can take it from there!

3. The third benefit is that batching content allows for more strategic planning for your content marketing.. I say this because when you’re batching, you’re planning out pretty far in advance, which is forcing you to think through your content. If you’re releasing podcast episodes related to your business, products, or services, it’s really important that you’re being strategic in the types of content you’re creating, what you’re promoting, and how you’ll use each piece of content to grow or serve your brand. Batching forces you to think a little more strategic than traditional content creation.

4. And the fourth and final benefit of batching is that it brings far less last minute work. Because of batching, you should never be hustling to get your content out. After months of recording an episode, editing it, and uploading it the morning of it’s release date, I was getting worn out. I’m a big fan of batching now, not only for my own podcast, but especially when it comes to client work. If clients are asking me to turn around an episode in under 48 hours last minute, I’m not creating the same quality of work as I would for something I know i have time to work on.. Obviously there will be times when it happens, but my goal is to reduce the amount of that last minute work, because with so many different podcast clients, if I allowed for that all the time, I would be in a constant state of hustle and worry that things wouldn’t get done. The the sake of my own health, I’ve pushed back on these requests and encouraged batching. 

Now those are four benefits that I’ve found so helpful in batching your podcast content! If you’re ready to start batching, or even just start creating content, come join me for FREE at Chasing Simple: The Summit this week! You can watch my presentation about optimizing your content creation for search this Friday! In the show notes of today’s episode I’ll include both a link to register and a link to sign up for the Content Marketing Toolkit for just $197 pack with over $5000 in value of presentations, products, and more! 

Head over to the show notes at gaffincreative.com/031 to sign up!

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