Apple just recently announced the arrival of Apple Podcast Subscriptions, a service that allows creators to offer unique benefits to paying listeners. There are many features to this new program, many of them designed with the goal of empowering creators. 

Apple Subscriptions for Podcast Listeners & Hosts

This new service creates new opportunities for podcasters and listeners. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s Podcast Subscriptions.

How it Works

Apple Podcast has always allowed listeners to subscribe to their favorite podcasts. Yet now, Apple has expanded this feature to include “Freemium” and “Premium Subscriptions.” As a creator, you can provide different benefits and perks for each of these three tiers. You also have the ability to set prices that you feel work best for you and your listeners.

Now, podcast listeners have nothing to worry about—Free listening is still an option! Audiences can still “subscribe” and be notified of your episode releases just like they always have

Paid Subscriptions

A paid subscription means that your listeners are paying to support your show while receiving exclusive benefits. As the podcast host, you’re in charge of what these benefits may be, so this will vary from podcast to podcast. Whether it’s additional subscription only episodes or even early access to content, you manage how your subscribers benefit.

Apple Podcast Subscription Cost for Hosts

Creators using the Podcast Subscriptions within the US pay $19.99 annually. With this, you receive eligibility to offer freemium and premium subscriptions as well as more creator customization within your channel. Channels are a new feature that allows you to create branding around your podcast. The channel look differs between subscription levels and offers a different experience for each tier. 

More features are also provided to creators participating in the Subscriptions service. 

In addition to the annual subscription cost, which isn’t that bad, is the biggest negative we’ve found—a 30% cut of your subscription goes to Apple Podcast App.

The Cost for Listeners on Apple Subscriptions

With any subscription, comes the cost of the subscription. It looks like Apple Podcast is allowing hosts to set their own subscription fees, but Apple will be taking a cut of 30%. If you’re charging a $10 monthly fee, you’ll be losing $3 per subscriber each month to this fee and only generating a $7 fee.

How To Get Started

If you’re ready to get started with subscriptions inside Apple Podcasts, you’ll be able to prep for it before it releases in the coming weeks. Updated May 30th 2021: Apple has pushed the launch of this service until June 2021.

While This new feature can be a great benefit for you as a creator and your listeners, it’s important to do the research for yourself to ensure that it’s the right fit for you! The opportunity to quickly and easily monetize your content is a game-changer, allowing you to offer more quality content for your audience! 

As my team continues to research the best way to approach subscription based platforms, we’ll share our thoughts here on the blog.

Apple Subscriptions for Podcast Listeners & Hosts