All podcast creators know the amount that goes into the production of a podcast! There are so many small yet important details that add up to create a great show. Whether you’re looking to launch or have been podcasting for a while, outsourcing your podcast production to a producer is a great idea. A podcast producer can take some major tasks off of your plate so you can focus on all of the fun stuff that goes into creating your podcast! 

7 Things a Podcast Producer Can Do for Your Podcast

Producing a successful podcast on your own is totally doable! But, there are certain things that a producer can help you with that will skyrocket your show to new levels. When DIYing your own podcast, it’s best to stay simple, don’t overwhelm yourself. If you hire a podcast producer, you’re able to go big! They are there to help you manage tasks that you don’t necessarily feel prepared for or just don’t really want to do. A great podcast producer can help you take on new ideas that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. 

So, what can a podcast producer do for your podcast? 


When jumping into podcasting, many people think of only the fun parts of the job: planning, writing, recording, and becoming a super popular podcaster. Yet, there are quite a few steps between those last two parts that often go overlooked. 

After recording your episodes the next step is to edit! This can be a tedious and very time consuming process that a lot of podcasters don’t totally love. Luckily there are people who love to do this-podcast producers! 

Most podcast producers, including Haylee Gaffin of Gaffin Creative, offer editing in a podcast production package. 

You get to do the fun parts of planning and recording your episode, then you can send it off to your producer who will handle the less fun bit! A great producer will work with you to find an editing style that fits you best!

Show Notes

Including show notes on your podcast website is a simple way to provide valuable resources to your listener and even boost SEO. Show notes are essentially a paraphrase of what you cover in the episode-the things you’d want to write down while listening. 

Your podcast producer can create these show notes for you! This is another often time-consuming task taken off of your plate so you can get to creating more episodes!


The look of your podcast is nearly as important as the content of your show. Appealing graphics are a great way to intrigue more listeners to tune in from discovery pages on podcast hosting sites. But, what if you know nothing about design? Guess what? Your podcast producer can help you here too! 

While you may initially work with a graphic designer to create your brand, a podcast producer can use templates to create the ongoing graphics for your show and episodes to use online and on social media.

Email Communication

A key part to maintaining listeners is communicating with both your audience and your guests.

A podcast producer can manage the email marketing and newsletter for your show and keep your listeners in the loop. This would include promotions of new episodes, and related content to your show and business.

This also may entail connecting with guests! If you open up your show for interviews, you’re probably going to start receiving applications and have some coordinating to do. But no worries! Your podcast producer can take care of that. 

If you’re still managing this yourself or want guidance on what to include in your email communications with guests, make sure you check out our Email Templates for Guest Communication in the shop! For just $19, you’ll get our 6 recommended email communication templates so you don’t have to think through what to include in your guest communication emails.


There are so many benefits to including a transcript of your podcast episodes. Not only does it make your show more accessible to a more diverse audience, but it can also benefit your site’s SEO! 

A podcast producer can manage the transcription service so that it’s one less thing for your to review! At Gaffin Creative, we offer three options for transcription services:
Tier 1 – Rev – Paid w/ 99% Accuracy
Tier 2 – Temi – Paid w/ 75% Accuracy
Tire 3 – Otter – Free

Social Media Planning

You’re already managing your business, your life, and your own social media. Creating new content around your podcast episodes may be important for growth, but it’s also a bit of added work (especially if your podcast has it’s own social media channels.

Your listeners want to know what you’re up to, what future episodes will be about, or any other important news. Yet, with creating your podcast it can be hard to consistently update your feed.  Your podcast producer can help you curate and plan the content for all of your social media feeds—even Pinterest! 


Since you’ve let your podcast producer help you take some tasks off of your plate, you’ve had more time to create episodes! Now, you’ll need to schedule them out. Your podcast producer can work with you to discover the turnaround time necessary to create and produce your episodes, then from there create a release schedule. This is super helpful in content creation because you’re then able to have a realistic timeframe to follow. Then, when you finish your episodes your producer is on top of scheduling and releasing them! 

Working with a great podcast producer like Gaffin Creative can help you create and launch a great podcast. You get to focus on the things that you love to do and your producer can take extra tasks off your plate! 

Looking for a podcast producer to help you launch a successful podcast? Haylee Gaffin at Gaffin Creative loves working with podcasters to create a show to be proud of! Haylee loves to do the tasks many podcasters don’t want to do and wants to help take those on. 

7 Things a Podcast Producer Can Do for Your Podcast

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