One of the reasons I love podcasting is because it’s so creatively fulfilling. There are always things you can do to improve and elevate your work. 

If you ever feel stuck with your podcast growth or uninspired to keep going, I encourage you to try these simple solutions to improve your podcast below. They will not only help your podcast perform better and reach new listeners, but they’ll give you the creative jolt you need to take your show to the next level.

Do a Podcast Audit

Doing a podcast audit is a great way to hit the reset button on your podcast. If you’ve lost track of your goals and aren’t sure how to keep moving forward, a podcast audit will make the path clear again. 

A podcast audit will review:

  • Your podcast goals
  • Your Name and description
  • Your podcast cover artwork
  • Podcast players to make sure your podcast is accessible everywhere

You can conduct a podcast audit yourself, but I recommend getting non-partial outside input. You can go through my previous podcast episodes from my mini podcast audit challenge to walk you through the process and contact me to set up a professional podcast audit.

Invest in Quality Sound Equipment

Most people start their podcasts with minimal gear and equipment because they want to make sure they like podcasting before investing more money in it. I get it – I started this way too! However, at a certain point, you need to bite the bullet and invest in high-quality sound equipment.

Doing so will make you feel more like a professional podcaster, which will inspire you to take it more seriously and generate new ideas for your show. Plus, you’ll love how much better your episodes sound, and your listeners will too. 

A ton of listeners turn off podcasts that have bad sound quality, so investing in better-quality equipment is an effective way to get people to stick around! When you take yourself and your podcast seriously, your listeners will too. 

Edit Your Episodes With the Listener in Mind

If you edit your podcast episodes yourself, it’s easy to focus on your favorite parts of the conversations and lose track of what the listener is getting out of it. Some hosts also want to leave in the pauses, “ums,” and off-topic side conversations because they want their podcast to feel authentic. However, these things can get in the way of the listener’s experience.

I always advise my clients to edit with the listener in mind. That means removing:

  • Awkward silences
  • Filler words
  • Mistakes

Your podcast episodes can still be authentic when they’re edited with the listener in mind. Before you start editing, ask yourself what the listener needs to get out of this episode and which part adds the most value. That will help you stay focused and determine what parts of the episode you can cut out.

Continue to Iterate

The podcasting world is always changing. There are new rules and features from podcast players, trends change, and your audience can change. To keep your show relevant and exciting, you need to keep up with all of these changes. 

Continuing to iterate means you’re constantly improving your podcast, and staying creatively motivated. If you aren’t friends with other podcasters, try joining a mastermind group (hint: read below!) so that you have a place to bounce ideas around and seek inspiration from people who are in the same boat.

Join Mic Check Society

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