Have you stepped into a conference experience not knowing anyone? In today’s episode, I’m chatting with four new friends that I met at the 2024 Podfest Expo—a conference for podcasters. When I purchased my ticket to Podfest, I didn’t know anyone who was going, yet walked away with some really wonderful connections! Listen in as we recap our own experiences at Podfest, what we learned, and what we’re excited to implement!

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Meet the Guests

Ashley Dickson-Ellison

Ashley Dickson-Ellison has been in the podcasting world since 2018 with the launch of Unabridged, a podcast about books. After a career in education, Ashley transitioned to full time podcast work with clients in spring of 2021. Ashley founded and runs Unabridged Digital Media Solutions, LLC, where she supports podcast launches, offers podcast consultations and coaching, and provides ongoing podcast management with a full suite of services for several partners.

ashleydicksonellison.com | unabridgedpod.com
instagram.com/ashley_dicksonellison | linkedin.com/in/ashley-dickson-ellison

Megan Seamans

Megan Seamans is a certified Life & Energy Coach who helps people balance out their life and step into their next level of leadership. She teaches clients how to integrate their Human Design so they can lead their life, love, work, and everything in between on purpose. Centered on ease, Megan coaches people to stop second-guessing themselves so they can crystallize their vision into reality. After helping hundreds of humans around the globe, Megan’s been named the Clarity Queen as her coaching provides rapid clarity for people to go from frozen in time to magnetically in motion. Like your energetic fairy godmother, she’ll help you turn your overwhelm into ease, your doubts into superpowers, and your fears into confidence. You’ll find Megan sharing her joy and wisdom on places like Tiny Buddha, Elite Daily, and numerous podcasts.

meganseamans.com | instagram.com/meganseamans

Sam & Elliot Archuleta

Sam and Elliot dive head first into all things human connection with Something More Human. Driven by countless conversations with individuals from all walks of life, the desire for authentic, in person connection is evident. Delving into the intricacies of human relationships, from the nuances of romantic partnerships to navigating the challenges of making friends as adults and even cultivating a supportive community as an entrepreneur, Something More Human not only inspires an escape from superficiality and a return to real, deep connection but shares tangible tips and strategies for listeners to implement in their own lives. The SMH movement is reviving the lost of art of connection by blending intimate podcasts dialogues with the joy and need of real-life community gatherings. Sam and Elliot invite you to join them, and together, create something more human.


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